Twas the Night Before Rifle Season



‘Twas the night before Rifle Season and all through my mind,

Were images of big bucks that were one of a kind.

My Gear was in a pile on the bench by the door,

The next morning I’d be wearing it at quarter past four. 

I snuggled into bed but not a wink did I sleep,

For I only saw deer as I tried to count sheep.

My wife slept beside me and I thought, “Oh, how I’m blessed”,

She was excited for me, but still got plenty of rest.


I laid awake for hours on end,

Able only to think of how the next day would trend.

My eyes were heavy but I couldn’t seem to shake

Visions of a buck that only big dreams could make.


Then suddenly in front of me was the buck of my dreams!

I brought my gun up but only heard screams.

My safety was stuck and I could not get it off,

And as the buck stood and stared he just seemed to scoff.


The safety was stuck and try as I might,

I fiddled and fiddled but couldn’t get it right.

At that moment it seemed that life was not fair,

And I succumbed to the fact that I didn’t have a prayer.


Then oddly enough he looked at me with a grin,

And said with a smile “You’ll never win!”

I finally got it fixed but was just out of luck,

For by the time I was ready out of sight ran the buck.


When the woods settled down I heard a strange noise,

Ringing in my head was a sound that usually annoys.

Then I awoke to discover it all just a scare,

For the buck in my dreams was not even there.


I sat up in bed and took a look at the clock,

My alarm was sounding loud and I was still full of shock.

I gathered my strength and hopped out of bed,

Threw on my clothes and buttered my bread.


Out in the forest the bucks were in wait,

And going back to sleep would only spell fate.

I smiled when I looked at the  sky crystal clear,

For I’d soon be after the buck I dreamt of all year.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Safe and happy hunting to you all!

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