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Deer season is over. It’s awful, just awful. I can barely focus on anything I’m supposed to be focusing on. I still have Christmas presents to buy and a snow blower that needs fixing. I was too busy during deer season to get either one of those things done, and now I’m too depressed.

The outlook is bleak. February is a horrible month and March isn’t much better. I question why those months even exist, but so far I haven’t received a decent answer. The way I see it, I can sit in my house and stare longingly outside at the desolate hillsides daydreaming of better times OR I can help you share your exciting story from last fall to help bridge the gap. Who knows, maybe you’ll even win something…

A little while ago I attempted to contact one of those big outdoor companies to see if they would sponsor a contest. Their website is pretty clear that they wouldn’t, but I thought “What the heck? What have I got to lose?”

So far I haven’t heard back despite my desperate pleas for a freebie and descriptions of how awful winter is around here. The lack of response is strange because I even attached a picture of my face with the inquiry. I am not sure why except that there was a requirement to attach something with the letter, and I had nothing else to attach. I’m beginning to think that might have scared them off.

Contests can be fun, but are they fun even without a prize? No, they aren’t. Maybe I’ll head out to the shop and build a trophy out of wood as the prize.

Enough of that. Here are the rules for the contest.

  1. Submit a picture from last fall.
  2. Write a short story with it (minimum 150 words which is approximately 1/3 the length of this post).

The story and picture do not have to be from a successful hunt but can be from any great memory made last fall.  I will then post the story and picture on the blog and hold a final vote for the winner.

Sound fun? You think of a story you want to submit, and I’ll keep working on that prize…

Tim FaceThis contest will be fun and help us all get through the winter. I’ll let you know when the contest starts as soon as I decide. 🙂 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone,


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