The Deer In My Life

I began hunting with my Dad when I was six years old. Since that time I have made more memories with him, family and friends than I can remember. The photos in this gallery tell my own personal story in the woods; from the pictures of deer taken long before I was born that fed my dreams at night as a young boy to my own successes as a hunter that keep me dreaming today.

Paul 3 ptJosh Vermont Muzzleloader 2012Josh's Little DoeTim Vermont Rifle 2006Paul NH Rifle 2012Paul Vermont Rifle Buck 2011
Tim NH Bow 2011Tim Wyoming Rifle 2001Tim Wyoming Rifle 1999Paul NH Rifle 2009Dan Wyoming Rifle 2006Paul and Josh Deer 2011
Paul Wyoming Rifle 2006Tim Wyoming Rifle 2006Paul Wyoming Rifle Mule Deer 2001Tim NH Bow 2010Tim Montana Bow 2009 Tim Vermont Rifle 1993
Tim Vermont Rifle 1993Tim Vermont Bow 2000Tim Wyoming Rifle 1997Tim Vermont Muzzleloader 1998Paul Vermont Rifle 1996Paul VT Rifle 1995
Paul VT Rifle 1995Paul Vermont Rifle 1984Paul NH Rifle 2005Tim Wyoming 1997Tim Vermont Muzzleloader 1999Tim Vermont Bow 2000
Tim Vermont BowTim Vermont Muzzleloader 2008Tim Vermont Bow 2002Tim Vermont Bow 2002Paul Vermont Muzzleloader 2003Tim Vermont Rifle 1995
Tim and Paul Wyoming 2000Tim NH Rifle 1996Tim NH Rifle 1996Paul NH Rifle 2005Tim Vermont Muzzleloader 2008Paul NH Rifle Doe 1997
Tim NH Bow Doe 2011