Round 2: VOTE NOW – Northeast Kingdom Region & Mountainous Region


2014Tournament Bracket FinalRound 2 of the tournament starts today and we have eight head to head match ups to vote for in this post! Voting is very simple… Decide which picture you like best and then click on the name of the person (in the blue box underneath the photo) who submitted it to cast your vote. Winners will be announced tomorrow on Facebook. Make sure you vote on all eight contests!

Special Note! – due to space constraints, some of the images may be difficult to see. Click on the picture to enlarge it. 

Northeast Kingdom Region

Vote 1: L. Gauthier vs. N. Langlitz

Submitted by: Larry Gauthier                                            Submitted by: Noah Langlitz
State: Vermont                                                                     State: New York
Caption: One Happy Girl                                                    Caption: Sunrise from the tree

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Vote 2: S. Farrow vs. P. Loyer

Submitted by: Steve Farrow                              Submitted by: Patrick Loyer
State: Vermont                                                    State: Vermont
Caption: Hatch Back Buck                           Caption: Does this tree make me look fat?

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Vote 3: B. Macri vs. T. Rounds

Submitted by: Bob Marci                                       Submitted by: Tom Rounds
State: Maine                                                             State: New Hampshire
Caption: Allagash Bird Hunt                                  Caption: Going on 25 yrs Dartmouth                                                                                             College Grant

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Vote 4: T. Cochran vs. J. Smith Jr.

Submitted by: Taylor Cochran                                          Submitted by: James Smith Jr. 
State: New Hampshire                                                       State: New Hampshire 
Caption: Welcome to Hunting                                          Caption: 03743

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Mountainous Region

Vote 5: C. Roberts vs. C. Melendy

Submitted by: Chris Roberts                                  Submitted by: Cliff Melendy
State: Vermont                                                          State: Vermont
Caption: Kids make hunting fun                            Caption: 2 Brothers looking for their                                                                                            next meal

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Vote 6: C. Huebner vs. J. McDonald

Submitted by: Christian Huebner                             Submitted by: Jeremy McDonald
State: Vermont                                                             State: Vermont 
Caption: My Sons first turkey! Youth day                Caption: Enjoying the sun                              2014 the day after my 2nd son was born!  

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Vote 7: E. Earle vs. A. Rodgers

Submitted by: Ed Earle                                               Submitted by: Aaron Rodgers
State: Vermont                                                             State: South Dakota
Caption: Me & my best friend & Hunting buddy   Caption: Just a quick selfie before                                                                                                    I leave

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Vote 8: K. Jarosz vs. J. Garlough

Submitted by: Katherine Jarosz                                        Submitted by: Jim Garlough
State: New York                                                                   State: New Hampshire
Caption: My first buck ever! Got him 11/31/14.             Caption: Buck with 2 Broken antlers.

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Thank you for voting!!! be sure to come back tomorrow to vote on during the second day of Round 2 voting. 

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