Round 2: VOTE NOW – Eastern Foothills Region & Western Foothills Region


Round 2: VOTE NOW - Eastern Foothills Region & Western Foothills Region 1Round 2 of the tournament continues today and we have eight head to head match ups to vote for in this post! Voting is very simple… Decide which picture you like best and then click on the name of the person (in the blue box underneath the photo) who submitted it to cast your vote. Winners will be announced tomorrow on Facebook. Make sure you vote on all eight contests!

Eastern Foothills Region

Vote 1: J. Miller vs. B. Sheldon

Submitted by: J. Miller                                                        Submitted by: B. Sheldon
State: Vermont                                                                     State: Vermont
Caption: A hunters heart-giving thanks                          Caption: After helping recover my cousins                                                                                    first bear

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Vote 2: M. Covey vs. M. Bates

Submitted by: Mike Covey                                       Submitted by: Mark Bates
State: Vermont                                                           State: Michigan
Caption: It was an exciting fall with my son.        Caption: A day Early                         He was able to harvest his first archery deer,                                                                              his last youth deer, and his first regular                                                                   season deer all in one hunting season!

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Vote 3: F. Warren vs. C. Temple

Submitted by: Frank Warren                                 Submitted by: Colin Temple
State: Vermont                                                         State: Vermont
Caption: First Buck                                                 Caption: The 2 headed (not so much)                                                                                            of a monster!

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Vote 4: B. Willey vs. E. Derman

Submitted by: Brad Willey                                                Submitted by: Eddie Derman
State: Vermont                                                                   State: Pennsylvania 
Caption: Hunting Shack                                           Caption: Ray’s mentored first deer                                                                                                         :-) 9 yrs 

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Western Foothills Region

Vote 5: C. Dillingham vs. M. Johnson

Submitted by: Christina Dillingham                       Submitted by: Mat Johnson
State: Vermont                                                          State: Vermont
Caption: First deer! Youth weekend 2014            Caption: Mission Accomplished

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Vote 6: J. Farrar vs. I. Young

Submitted by: Justin Farrar                                        Submitted by: Izaak Young
State: Vermont                                                             State: Vermont 
Caption: Maggie                                                    Caption: A good day but a bad drag                      

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Vote 7: B. Dix vs. S. Glendinning

Submitted by: Brian Dix                                             Submitted by: Steve Glendinning
State: Vermont                                                             State: Vermont
Caption: Southern VT Beauty                                   Caption: A Vermont Buck!

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Vote 8: J. Meyers vs. R. Wixson

Submitted by: Justin Meyers                                             Submitted by: Rick Wixson
State: Pennslyvania                                                            State: Vermont
Caption: First buck ever!                                        Caption: 8pt 144 shot with our son at                                                                                       my side unfortunately he didn’t the                                                                                               shot. He said take it dad before                                                                                                        he gets away.

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Thank you for voting!!! Be sure to come back on the 26th to vote on round 3! Merry Christmas to you all!

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