Round 1: VOTE NOW – Northeast Kingdom Region & Mountainous Region

2014Tournament Bracket FinalToday marks the beginning of the tournament and we have four head to head match ups to vote for in this post.Voting is very simple… Decide which picture you like best and then click on the name of the person (in the blue box underneath the photo) who submitted it to cast your vote. Winners will be announced tomorrow on Facebook. Make sure you vote on all four contests!

SPECIAL NOTE: clicking on a name or picture will result in casting your vote. Be careful!

Northeast Kingdom Region

Vote 1: N. Langlitz vs. A. Stewart

Submitted by: Noah Langlitz                                              Submitted by: Adam Stewart
State: New York                                                                    State: Vermont
Caption: Sunrise from the tree.                                         Caption: First Buck

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Vote 2: M. Merchant vs. J. Smith

Submitted by: Matt Merchant                                            Submitted by: James Smith Jr.
State: Vermont                                                                      State: New Hampshire
Caption: My First Buck!                                                        Caption: 03743 


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Mountainous Region

Vote 3: C. Melendy vs. T. Brown

Submitted by: Cliff Melendy                                   Submitted by: Tyler Brown
State: Vermont                                                          State: Vermont
Caption: Two Brothers looking for their           Caption: Taken the second day of 2014               next meal.                                                              VT rifle season at noon. 30-30
                                                                                               lever action. Iron sights.

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Vote 4: J. Garlough vs. J. Street

Submitted by: Jim Garlough                                               Submitted by: Josh Street
State: New Hampshire                                                        State: Massachusetts 
Caption: Buck with 2 Broken Antlers.                               Caption: Mass monsters that                                                                                                              keep me up at night 


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