Round 1: VOTE NOW – Eastern Foothills Region & Western Foothills Region

2014Tournament Bracket FinalIt is the second day of the tournament and we have four head to head match ups to vote for in this post.Voting is very simple… Decide which picture you like best and then click on the name of the person (in the blue box underneath the photo) who submitted it to cast your vote. Winners will be announced tomorrow on Facebook.

Make sure you vote on all four contests!

Eastern Foothills Region

Vote 1: B. Sheldon vs. R. Merrill

Submitted by: Brian Sheldon                                        Submitted by: Ryan Merrill
State: Vermont                                                                State: Vermont
Caption: After helping recover my cousins                Caption: Opening Day view 2014.                first bear.                                                                        No buck that day but for me                                                                                                                         it’s about finding moments like                                                                                                                     this just as much as bagging a                                                                                                                       deer.

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Vote 2: B. Willey vs. B. Huntington

Submitted by: Brad Willey                                        Submitted by: Brandon Huntington
State: Vermont                                                           State: New Jersey
Caption: Hunting Shack                                            Caption: NJ Archery Double!

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Mountainous Region

Vote 3: D. Wood vs. M. Johnson

Submitted by: Devin Wood                                     Submitted by: Mat Johnson
State: Vermont                                                          State: Vermont
Caption: Camp                                                          Caption: Mission Accomplished

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Vote 4: J. Meyers vs. S. Freeman

Submitted by: Justin Meyers                                        Submitted by: Scott Freeman
State: Pennsylvania                                                       State: Vermont
Caption: First buck ever!                                              Caption: My First Vermont deer                                                                       

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Thank you all for voting! Results will be posted tomorrow. In the meantime, you may want to check out some other great posts on this blog. If you love to hunt you’d probably like the story of my Vermont buck I was fortunate to shoot this year. Read it here: 2014 Vermont Buck


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