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Guest Post by Dave Hutchinson: The Buck of a Lifetime!

By Tim Biebel / November 22, 2013

I don’t think this story needs much of an introduction…just look at the picture! Congratulation’s on your buck of a lifetime Dave!    The Buck of a Lifetime! by David Hutchinson With the opening of VT rifle season brings me much anticipation and busy days working at R&L Archery, helping central Vermont hunters get what…

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Venison Jerky

By Tim Biebel / November 21, 2013

Last year for Christmas my present from my parents was a Manual jerky Slicer by Cabelas. Since we have a decent amount of burger, roasts, and steaks in the freezer already I got it out and put it to good use during our latest slice and dice festival. First off, having never used a Jerky…

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NH Rifle: Hunt 1-Double Up!

By Tim Biebel / November 20, 2013

Wednesday, November 13th marked the opening day of Rifle season in New Hampshire and the night before I was more excited than I had been in a long time. So excited, in fact, I even wrote a poem about the night before rifle season. As was our usual custom, Dad and I were skipping work…

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Guest Post by Charlie Davenport: A Great Day with My Sons!

By Tim Biebel / November 19, 2013

As a young boy I loved going hunting with my Dad. I didn’t care who shot a deer I just wanted one of us to get one and I still feel that way today. I can’t wait for the opportunity to take my own son, Sam, out hunting with me and Dad as soon as…

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Vermont Rifle: Hunt 1 – Opening Day

By Tim Biebel / November 18, 2013

I checked in with my wife around 1 pm on opening day and she asked “Why is there a contact lens case in the kitchen sink?” I answered, “For the same reason why there is no gasket on my thermos cap.” My two year old Sam loves to play with anything he can get his…

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Twas the Night Before Rifle Season

By Tim Biebel / November 12, 2013

  ‘Twas the night before Rifle Season and all through my mind, Were images of big bucks that were one of a kind. My Gear was in a pile on the bench by the door, The next morning I’d be wearing it at quarter past four.

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Guest Post: Tim Clements Missouri Archery 9 pt

By Tim Biebel / November 8, 2013

I love reading deer stories even if they are not from around here and even if the writer happens to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Everyone, meet Tim Clements. Tim lives in Missouri where big bucks grow like weeds and they always stand broadside to you. OK, that’s not true, that’s just the way…

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NH Muzzleloader: Hunt 1 and 2 – Fun Hunting

By Tim Biebel / November 7, 2013

On Friday the day before opening day of muzzleloader season in NH my wife asked me if I wanted to go hunting. For those of you who have read any of my previous posts you know this is a big deal since I was currently tag-less when she asked. She had been feeling better and…

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NH Archery: Hunt 8 – My Archery Buck

By Tim Biebel / October 30, 2013

Some days you just have the feeling that it’s going to be a good evening in the woods. Wednesday Oct 23rd was one of those evenings. I was itching to go hunting. It had been quite a while since the last time I’d been out, no thanks to a resurgence of my wife’s Lyme disease.…

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My Top 5 Favorite Deer Hunts, Kinda…

By Tim Biebel / October 22, 2013

Just last week I saw someone’s twitter post that read, “I don’t keep the racks to brag about them, I keep them because of the memories they hold.” I’ve been blessed to hunt in some great locations around North America, but to be honest, shooting a deer with a large rack has never been the…

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Calling All Deer!

By Tim Biebel / October 17, 2013

In a previous post I mentioned that when I was a just a young(er) fella hunting with my Dad we discovered the power of a using a grunt call. That experience resulted in a nice buck for my memory vault and a lesson I’ll never forget. Since that time I have been enamored with calling,…

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Track Soup

By Tim Biebel / October 14, 2013

Today on the blog I highlight a poem called “Track Soup” that my uncle Dave Biebel wrote a number of years ago. It’s an all too familiar story for most of us. Thankfully, I will not have to eat any track soup this year since I already have one in the freezer, but I’ve had…

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A Sad Case of Venison

By Tim Biebel / October 11, 2013

Why is it that I can kill a deer during hunting season and not feel much remorse but when a motorist collides with a deer I hate it and feel deeply sorry for the deer? It is such an awful way to go and the deer often lives for a while after the collision suffering…

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Christian’s VT Archery Doe

By Tim Biebel / October 9, 2013

I was on my way to an evening meeting when I noticed my cell phone light up with a call from Christian. I knew he was out hunting and if he was calling me during prime time it could only mean one thing… After hanging up I could help but notice I was driving a…

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VT Archery: Hunts 1,2 &3 – The One That Got Away.

By Tim Biebel / October 7, 2013

Hunt 1: Opening Morning   I arrived on stand approximately 5 minutes after I parked the truck. I had decided to hunt an area close to home and was going to spend the morning doing some recon. Part of the challenge of hunting multiple states is that it really cuts into available time to scout.…

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NH Archery: Hunt 7 – Dad’s Buck

By Tim Biebel / October 2, 2013

Saturday September 28, 2013 Conditions: Warm with temps in the upper 60’s. Light wind.  Around 2 pm on Sunday afternoon I met Dad on the range to help him fine tune his bow. His first three shots were all in the center bull’s-eye. “That’s great shooting, Dad” I said. “What’s the problem?”  “The problem is…

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NH Archery: Hunt 5 – First Deer of the Year

By Tim Biebel / September 23, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013 Conditions: Damp and cool. Temp right around 60 degrees  First of all, my Wife is awesome 🙂  I left the house in a rush again and got to my hunting location around 5:15 pm. That wasn’t quite as early as I had hoped, especially since I still had to hang my…

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NH Archery: Hunt 2 – “The Snorter”

By Tim Biebel / September 19, 2013

Wednesday, September 18 Conditions:  Sunny, Temps in the 60’s with a light breeze When I left the house my wife said she wanted me to think about something while I was out hunting. The trouble is, as soon as I shut the front door I completely forgot what it was I was supposed to be…

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NH Archery: Hunt 1

By Tim Biebel / September 15, 2013

Conditions: 65 degrees at the start, 50 degrees at the end. Sunny with a light breeze.  The season finally arrived and I was able to get out this afternoon with Dad for an evening sit. Here is the recap-  1:50 pm: I drag my lazy rear end off the couch and gather up my gear.…

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Last Scouting Trip Before Opening Day

By Tim Biebel / September 9, 2013

  Date: 9/8/13 Location: NH   This past Sunday I was able to get out for one last preseason scouting trip before the season opener. It was a perfect day; the temp was in the mid sixties with a stiff wind that kept the mosquitoes away. I made the typical loop around to check trail…

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What I’m Looking Forward to the Most

By Tim Biebel / September 5, 2013

The other day my wife asked me what I was looking forward to the most about this coming hunting season. Good question. Normally, my answer would have had to do with the challenge of the hunt and successfully outsmarting the elusive whitetail deer but not this year… this year things are a little different.  …

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Calling all Bucks!

By Tim Biebel / September 1, 2013

OK, I look pretty goofy in this picture but that’s not the point…The point is I learned a couple crucial lessons about hunting on that cold day, and not just because I was successful, because I almost wasn’t. It was an extremely cold morning with the temperature still hovering right around zero at 8 am.…

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My Second Deer with a Bow

By Tim Biebel / September 1, 2013

I shot this doe when I was 17 and was late to school as a result… The night before I was sitting in my tree and she came trotting up the hardwood ridge about 30 mins before legal shooting light was over. I was about 25 feet up in a tree and she was probably…

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Christian’s First Deer

By Tim Biebel / September 1, 2013

A hunter’s first deer will always hold a special place in his/her heart and Christian’s first deer is no exception. Here is the story of how it all happened in his own words…   “It was opening day of my first season hunting alone after the passing of the gentleman who had taken me under…

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My Bear

By Tim Biebel / September 1, 2013

It’s not the biggest bear I admit, but it was the first one I had ever seen in the woods. It was a warm, calm afternoon and I was dozing off in my treestand with thanks to a little sun on my face. The classic sounds of an animal walking in the thick bed of dry…

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ThermaCELL Giveaway!

By Tim Biebel / August 19, 2013

Everyone know’s that I love a good deer story. It turns out that I love a fun giveaway too! So, why not blend the two together? It’s easy – post a picture of a deer you killed along with a short story (100 words or so) to wall of The4Pointer’s Facebook page and you will…

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By Tim Biebel / August 5, 2013

 Shooting a deer shouldn’t be only about the score but to some of us the score does matter. That’s why I’ve taken the time to outline six simple steps to scoring your Vermont buck. I really hope this helps.     1. Download the score sheet from the Boone and Crockett website. This can be tricky…

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Ryan Hammond’s 11 Point 195 lbs NH Buck

By Tim Biebel / July 26, 2013

In the first ever deer story published on The 4 Pointer I am thrilled to bring to you the story of Ryan Hammond’s 11 pt 195 lb buck taken in 2006 in Newport, NH. In Ryan’s own words he writes:  “It was November 28th, 2009 with no luck in the morning stand. The wind was…

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What to Expect

By Tim Biebel / July 18, 2013

I’m one of those people that likes to know what to expect so it only seems right that I should let you know what I am planning on writing about and when. For starters I am planning on updating Deer Trails 4 times a month. It doesn’t seem like a lot I know but I…

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Welcome to Deer Trails

By Tim Biebel / January 11, 2012

Whenever I find a new deer trail while scouting I immediately try to determine the “story” behind it. I ask myself questions like, where are they coming from? Where are they going? Why have the deer chosen this route to get from point A to point B? Are they safer here or is it just…

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