NH Hunting Journal: Archery Update 9.21.15

Doe with Fawns

This season is shaping up to be similar to last year. There is widespread food availability which is making it difficult to pattern the deer for the second year in a row. Apple trees are loaded and there is a heavy crop of nuts, although the nuts are not to the same level as last year.

On Saturday evening I was close. Unfortunately, there was already a deer feeding under the large oak where I planned to sit when I arrived for the hunt. It was only 4:30 when I spooked it, and I was somewhat surprised at how early it was feeding. It didn’t act too nervous as it trotted away, and it even stopped briefly about sixty yards away before walking out of sight. I had hoped it might return, but it never did. Oh well, I guess. Other than a few turkeys I didn’t see anything else.

Then there was the murder that took place on my hike back to the truck. Either that or it was a screech owl. It was probably a screech owl since I didn’t read of any murders the next day. In the dark of night those creatures will make a guy reach for his knife and cause every hair on the back of his neck to stand on end. I darn near soiled myself when I heard it. Be brave, Tim. It’s just a bird.

Sunday afternoon brought cooler weather and a strong breeze.  I decided to hunt a different location where I would have a better chance at shooting a doe, and where I have had good success in the past. Shooting a doe is a great way to build some confidence for the year along with filling the freezer with some good meat. It wasn’t meant to be. When the wind died down it was strangely quiet. Nothing was moving last night, at least not where I was. On the bright side, I was not murdered by any owls on my walk back to my truck.

Deer or no deer, I had a great time in the woods this past weekend. The cooler temperatures make it feel more like deer season and invoke the anticipation of what’s to come. Frosty mornings and warm cups of coffee in the rising sunlight are just around the corner. I can almost hear the sound of a buck walking through the leaves in my direction…


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