Local Hunter Reads Headline, Waits to React Before Learning More.

Hunting Vermont Rifle

For Immediate Release: August 26, 2019
Media Contact: tim@the4pointer.com

Windsor County, VT – In what some would call a shocking move, local hunter, Tim Biebel, recently read a news headline but before reacting he decided to read the article as well.

“I’ve really grown accustomed to just reading headlines and then skipping straight to the comment section on social media to find out what my reaction should be,” Biebel said. “Sometimes I also let the picture play a role in how I respond, but I rarely let actual information found in the article factor into my reaction.”

When pressed for more information on the reasoning for his decision to read the article, Biebel said he wasn’t sure, especially since it’s not the norm anymore.

“I’m not sure, especially since it’s not the norm anymore.”  

Biebel says that after his recent experience, he thinks it’s wise to read more than only headlines in the future.  

“Even if an article lacks information, I’ve learned that I could do my own research and become more informed on a topic before deciding what I think about it. Sometimes the headline alone doesn’t totally explain everything.”

At press time, Biebel admitted that reading articles does take more time than reading only headlines, so he wasn’t sure if he’d read articles every time even though it’s a better way to become informed.

“I’m leaving my options open.”

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Fred Thompson
4 years ago

Don’t you know that today all of the facts are wrapped up in the title and a picture??? LOL, of course we should comment on just that! Thanks for the share. I only read the title by the way!

4 years ago

Biebel is clearly “all about the money” in this piece. Does this take place in 2019?

4 years ago

I haven’t read the article, but I agree completely.