A Letter to Vermont Deer Hunters

Vermont Buck, Deer Season

Deer Vermont Hunters,

It is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? This Saturday marks the day that you and I have been anticipating since the sunset at the end of last season. Opening day of rifle season is upon us!

For the majority of you, rifle season is the “big dance.” Before dawn you’ll be scurrying about gathering last minute items for a day in the woods or sitting down to a hunter’s breakfast with your hunting buddies. Maybe you are leaving work early Friday afternoon to head to camp for the season. If so, I bet the excitement of the weeks ahead is already dominating your thoughts and probably has been for some time. As hunters, this is what we wait for all year.

The more of you I have the pleasure of meeting, the clearer it becomes that each one of you hunts for a different reason. Some of you hunt because you want to shoot a deer. Some of you hunt because you are trying to shoot a specific deer you’ve patterned all year. Still, others of you hunt for the time with friends or the simple pleasure of watching the sun rise over a Vermont hillside. And yes, some of you even hunt for meat. Each one of these reasons is great.

I hope each one of you has a successful season. Vermont is a tough place to hunt and only about ten percent of you will have the good fortune of shooting a deer. Don’t let that get you down. Take pride in it! I believe that Vermont produces some of the best hunters in the world as a result. Be proud to count yourself as one of them.

I’ll leave you with a few parting thoughts. When you hear your neighbor shoot on the next hill over, be happy. Don’t take a single day in the woods for granted, savor each opportunity. Enjoy every minute with your hunting buddies, you don’t know if you will all be together again next year. Support your fellow hunters, our rights are under attack like never before. In the stillness of the morning, take a few minutes to thank God for His provisions. Lastly, be safe and have fun!

This Saturday the temperatures are forecasted to be in the mid 20’s with clear skies. The bucks are guaranteed to be on their feet cruising for does. I hope the shots that ring out over the Vermont woods belong to you.

If this time of year lasted any longer it wouldn’t be nearly as sweet. Soak it in.

Happy hunting,


Tim FaceEven though I’ve been in the woods a lot this fall, opening day of Vermont Rifle season is still my favorite day by far. I can’t wait!

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Robert scott
Robert scott
5 years ago

Summed it all up great letter