Identity Crisis

Tim GolfNear the end of my college career I found myself in the middle of my first ever identity crisis. It had been a fun four years of hard work and play but the “real world” (as those on the other side like to say) was fast approaching. Tying the knot with my beautiful wife was on the docket for the upcoming summer and the weight of final exams was hanging over my head. My entire life was about to change and it was a lot to take in. So, what’s a guy to do in the middle of all that stress? Read Field and Stream Magazine of course. I picked up the latest issue and began perusing the articles. I stumbled across an article by Thomas McIntyre titled, “The Golf Between Us” and began reading. That is where my identity crisis began. 

Golf has always been my favorite sport. Everything in golf is about the individual. If I had a bad round it was my fault (or my clubs, or the weather, or the…) and not someone else’s. I like that. The personal challenge to excel at something that doesn’t require involvement from anyone else appeals to me now just like it did when I was a wee lad (unless it was a group project in school – in that case it was more than beneficial to team up with someone who had more smarts because it left more time for golf). Even though golf is my favorite sport, hunting is my other favorite thing to do, and that love affair began first. First loves are always hard to let go of. 

As I sat on my bed reading I couldn’t believe that Mr. McIntyre was claiming that no real hunter would golf and I was left to question my true identity. As one who enjoyed both, his column was difficult to take. I scanned my room for a mental break and noticed the stack of hunting DVD’s in one corner and my golf clubs in the other.  

“IT’S NOT TRUE!” I yelled, “IT’S NOT TRUE!” 

Anger welled up inside me towards Mr. McIntyre and to this day I still have not forgiven him. I questioned my true self worth for a solid three minutes after reading that article and then popped in a DVD. The next day I went golfing. 

If he happens to read this I hope it’s clear to him that after four years of school he taught me the most valuable lesson about life.  Reading that article taught me that I don’t need to live my life based on what some confused author says. I like to hunt and I like to golf and I’m OK with that.  

 Real hunters golf! 

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Listen Close and you can hear the ball hit the buoy – which was the intended target!

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