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When I started The 4 Pointer last September the original intent was to help other hunters share their stories. We New England hunters have a bit more of a challenge than other areas of the country, and as a result, could use a boost in confidence every now in then. How? By sharing stories with one another! This fall I am planning on devoting at least one day of the week to sharing stories and I would love to share yours.  

Steve Farrow

Steve Farrow

Sharing your story can be simple and it doesn’t have to be long. Share a picture or two and include interesting facts about the hunt. Where did you shoot your deer? How much did it weigh? What was the weather like? Did you kill it with a bow, gun, or muzzleloader? That should be easy enough to do in two or three sentences. 

Your Story can be as long as you want. It’s a record of your hunt and it will become an easy way to share your story with your friends around the country. Last year, Steve Farrow (see right) was one of many that sent in a story about his hunting adventures and it serves as a great example. Read that story here

Don’t wait! Send a story to me now so I can get it scheduled on the calendar. We are entering the summer months where the anticipation of the upcoming fall hunt increasing dramatically and reading about other successes will only help. 🙂 

Here’s How: Email a picture or two and along with a story of any length to Tim@the4pointer.com  

Share. Your. Story.


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