Hunting Photo Category – Let the Voting Begin!

There were some great photos submitted in the Hunting Category! So much so that we decided to only narrow it down to the top 10 photos and let you all decide on the winner from there.  This format will be slightly different than the Trail Camera voting so here’s how it will work:


Round 1: Round one will being on Friday December 20th and end on Tuesday December 23rd. On each of the five days there will be a head to head competition between two photos with the winner moving on the the final round. Photo’s have been seeded based on an average of most favorite to least favorite by a panel of judges.  Just like a sports tournament, the highest ranked photos will compete against the lowest ranked with the photo receiving the most votes moving on to compete in round 2. Voting will begin at midnight on each day and end at 11:59 pm the next day. All voting will take place right here on the blog.  A preview of the Round 1 match ups can be seen below. 


Round 2: Round 2 will be conducted just like the current voting for the Trail Camera category. All five winning photos from the first round will be voted on at the same time with the top three photos winning the prizes. This round will begin on Thursday December 26th and end on December 31st with the winners being announced on New Years Day. 



Friday December 20th: (1) Jeremy Corey vs (10) Bob Marci


1 10
Taking it all in!!!! The reason we Hunt



Saturday December 21st: (3) Brandon Reed vs. (8) Mike Covey


3 8
Brandon ReedVS.MeB
Daughter’s First Bear  

My son Brandon and I 

on Vermont’s 2103

Youth Weekend 



Sunday December 22nd: (5) Zachary Beaulieu vs. (6) Robert Lowe


5 6

Zachary Beaulieu,

8 pts, 142 lbs

NH Rifle Season 


My 2013 8 Pt Buck

186 lbs Velvet Rack




Monday December 23rd: (4) Matthew George vs. (7) Terry Reil 


4 7
IMG_5958VS.Terry Reil

Feeling like a small fish

in a big pond on opening

day in the

Northeast Kingdom 


My 10 year old son

waiting for a deer on

a 7 degree day!




Tuesday December 24th: (2) David Hutchinson vs. (9) Mike Covey

2 9
Dave HutchinsonVS.Mike Covey
Buck of a Lifetime! 

My Son Brandon and our Friend

Kevin Carrying B’s first coyote out

on the 2nd day of NH 2013

Muzzleloader Season.


If you are one of the lucky ones who has a photo that has made it this far I would suggest you spread the word as much as possible to improve your chances of winning the contest. It doesn’t hurt to get the word out now! Since there is only a 24 hr voting window for each head to head competition in the first round it is very important that you pay attention to the day your photo will be up for voting. The dates are listed above each photo so tell your family and friends when to look for it! Have fun voting and good luck! I know who I would vote for but it’s not up to me…it’s up to you!!!

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Connie Bonak
Connie Bonak
10 years ago

Have not tasted venison in many a year – but I do understand “buck fever” – sorta – so good luck to the winner and if he/she so chooses – a small, very small piece of venison steak would be greatly appreciated !! Good Luck !!

tom rounds
tom rounds
10 years ago

#6 my vote