Big Deer
4 Pts 148 lbs

Two things have always intrigued me about hunting in New England; the deer and the story behind each hunt. Vermont and other New England states are unique in that the story behind the deer is very significant. In fact, the tradition of the hunt is just as important if not more so than the deer itself. That’s why I started “The 4 Pointer”. I started it to carry on the tradition of the hunt; to tell the story behind the photos and to remind people that the hunt is more than just about killing an animal.

When I was a young boy I could sit for hours and listen to my Dad tell me deer stories. The truth is I could still do it today. There is just something about letting your imagination take over while you listen to someone recount the "facts" of a  magical hunt. A good storyteller can make you feel like you were there, much more so than a video ever could. You have to imagine that bruiser buck crunching his way through the deep leaves towards your stand, and what that first glimpse of his rack was like. You have to create the images in your head just like everyone else that is listening. How great is that? One person tells a story, but everyone who listens has a different picture of what the scene looked like. Stories are awesome!

If you read stories on this site and feel as though you were there on that magical day then I have accomplished my goal.  Thank you for stopping by!