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So, it turns out that a few of you have actually enjoyed various articles I’ve written since starting this blog not long ago. It must be your love of hunting that has blinded you from my ineptitude as a writer. Whatever the reason, I’m thankful for you! If I could, I’d give each one of you $100 as a show of appreciation but then I’d be out a couple hundred dollars and that’s more than I’m willing to part with. You’ll have to settle for me taking the time to locate the fan favorites in one location. If you are an old friend of The 4 Pointer – enjoy reliving your favorites! If you are new, I hope you stick around a while and become a new friend! Thanks for reading! 

My 2014 Hunts

IMG_22822014 NH Archery: Hunts 1,2,3 & 4 – Lot’s of Food! 

2014 NH Muzzleloader: Hunt 1 – Opening Day Action

2014 NH Rifle: Hunts 1 & 2 – Double Up Again!

2014 VT Rifle: Hunts 1 &2 – Success!

2014 NH Archery: Late Season Doe


My 2013 Hunts 

131.5 lbs 6 pts

131.5 lbs 6 pts

2013 Season Summary

NH Archery: Hunt 5 – First Deer of the Year

NH Archery: Hunt 7 – Dad’s Buck

NH Archery: Hunt 8 – My Archery Buck

NH Rifle: Hunt 1 – Double Up!



Twas the night before hunting seasonWhy I’m Not Hunting Vermont this Year

Vermont Hunter Survey

The Spike Rule: Is it Working? 

3 Point Antler Restriction in Vermont – What Would Happen?


3 Reasons to Implement a 3 Point Antler Restriction

2015 Vermont Public Deer Hearing


Vermont Public Deer and Moose Hearing – Springfield, VT

Twas the Night Before Rifle Season

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

My Top 5 Favorite Deer Hunts, Kinda…

Calling all Deer!

Track Soup – A Poem by Dave Biebel

A Sad Case of Venison: When Humans and Deer Collide

The Smells of the Off Season

Arm Conditioning: The Importance of Warming Up

A Picturesque Doe Kill

Hone Your Skills

Routine Bowhunt: My 3 Step Process to Increase your Success




Applying TV Hunting Terms to the New England Deer Hunter

How to Control the Scent when You Can’t Control the Urge

Speaking of Full Moons

37 Items You Should Never be Without on a Short Afternoon Hunt

Aristotle, Descartes, and Me

Recipe for a Successful Hunt

Home Run Redemption

Identity Crisis

A Woodchuck Party

You Don’t Need to be Useful to Go Hunting

Bryan College Student Wins $25.00 at Midnight Madness

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend



Lyme Disease Stinks! Know the Danger!

Venison Jerky

My European Mount Project


Guest Posts

Lowe, Robert SquareRobert Lowe: A Rare Buck Indeed

Steve Farrow: Self Taught and a Good Shot!

David Hutchinson: A Buck of a Lifetime!

Charlie Davenport: It’s a Family Affair

Ryan Hammond: 11pt 195 lb Buck!

Tim Clements: Missouri Archery 9 pt

Brandon Reed – Daughters First Bear

Brandon Reed: Bearly Dead!

Dan Biebel: An Old Timers Perspective

Christian Huebner: Christians 2013 VT Archery Doe

20141116_074431Larry Gauthier: Kaidin’s Magic!

Justin Meyers: My First Archery Buck!

James Schnieder: The Tower of Death

Colin Temple: A Novice’s Guide to Tracking – Part 1

Colin Temple: A Novice’s Guide to Tracking – Part 2



Puddle HuntinMe Wants Grace 

Perspective Matters 

Puddle Huntin’

What I’m Looking Forward to the Most 

Deer Dad

My Favorite Hunter!

Stonewalls and Oak Trees

A Morning Hunt With Sam