Deer Dad

First Hunt 2

 Deer Dad, 

If ever there was a picture that symbolized the bond formed between us through our hunting adventures it’s the one of me as a six year old boy on a warm November day wearing your flannel hunting jacket and holding your deer rifle. That image signifies the birth of a lifelong passion the two of us share and I’m so thankful that you took the time to bring me with you as a young boy. That passion, much to the chagrin of Mom and Steph, has pushed us to take hunting to another whole level and I’ve enjoyed every minute. You are the reason I’ve been able to experience the hunt the way I have, having blessed me with the many opportunities I would not have been able to do on my own and for that I will be forever thankful. The best part about all of those experiences is that they were with you and that is best blessing of all.  

I decided that I would 10 pictures together of my favorite memories over the years so you could relive them again. Obviously, I couldn’t include them all otherwise I would have had to publish a full length book and even then I am not sure a binding exists that could hold enough pages. Here are a few of my favorite memories with you. 

1. Our first deer together – It turns out that I couldn’t find the picture of the six pointer you shot while we were sitting together on the stand we now call the “six point log”, but I know you remember it well. 🙂


2. My first Deer with you by my side

My First Deer!

My First Deer!

 3. Building tree stands with you and Uncle Dan

Dan's Stand

4. That first real hunting trip together on the Powder River in Wyoming with Uncle Dan and Branden



 5. Let’s call this one the Irene Buck…we know why it was special.



 6. Our first double – I’m happy that you shot the bigger one 🙂



 7. Wyoming again…you are not in this picture but that’s because you were taking it! 

Tim Dan Glassing 2


 8. Public land mule deer with Uncle Dan and Branden! My turn to take the picture!

Paul Branden Dan Dragging out Muley


 9. The one we never caught up with…



 10. I’m leaving this one blank because we are going to make a new memory this year. 


 I love you Dad. I’m looking forward to the hunt this fall. 



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