Daily Deer 9/2/14

We all know the exciting sound of deer running through the dry leaves in November. Colin Temple was able to turn that sound into some Vermont meat in the freezer! Happy Hunting Everyone! 

 Colin Temple

From Colin: “I shot this buck my senior year in High School on the day after playing in the annual North-South football game. It was a cold Sunday morning on opening weekend and I was sitting on the edge of a knob as my dad was working his way around the top of the mountain when I heard the unmistakable (except for the 400000 squirrels) sound of deer running through the woods. I stood up and worked my way to see farther down the hill through the hardwoods when 2 does and this buck came into view. They froze when they saw me. I pulled up and shot, then shot again as he took off and it was all over. He was down within 75 yards of me. Capped off a pretty awesome weekend. A 35-34 win in the N/S game and a 6 pointer that weighed 162 hanging in the garage.”


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