Crazy Mule Deer Fight!

Mule Deer Fight

If you’ve never seen a mule deer fight to the death, here’s your chance.

This footage of a fight between two mule deer bucks captured by Muley Bull Outfitters LLC will leave you feeling something…perhaps you’ll feel sorry for the loser or happy for the winner. It probably depends on which buck you identify with. Whatever you feel, you’re watching nature play itself out before your eyes. 

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For the eastern hunter like me, chasing mule deer out west offers a fun alternative to hunting whitetails in the thick woods I’m so used to. They are larger than whitetails, both in body and antler size, and the spot and stalk methods of hunting them on open terrain make for an action packed hunt. Whitetails will always be the deer I love hunting the most, but their western cousin definitely provides a different kind of challenge. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in a number of mule deer hunts. One time, our party of four all tagged out on respectable bucks on a public land hunt in Wyoming. I hope that my future holds another hunt for these guys. Until then, I’ll have to watch videos like this to keep my dreams alive. 

Tim FaceIt won’t be long until we are chasing big game here in Vermont. In just over a month and a half, Vermont Bear season opens up! Stay strong everyone. 

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