Christian’s First Deer

Christian's First Deer

Christian’s First Deer

A hunter’s first deer will always hold a special place in his/her heart and Christian’s first deer is no exception. Here is the story of how it all happened in his own words…


“It was opening day of my first season hunting alone after the passing of the gentleman who had taken me under his wing to teach me the ways of the deer woods. I had made it to my spot in the woods traveling through the dark early morning. I practically ran to my stand that day for fear of being alone for the first time in what seemed to be an unfriendly forest. Every shape and shadow seemed to hold a threat. The morning was crisp, cold and loud. About 6:30 I began to hear the sounds of feeding deer off in the distance. As the sounds became louder, a deer came into view. I checked it with my scope… Bald… So, I watched it as it fed closer and closer to me over the course of almost an hour. At about 15 yards, it turned its head and was about to pass out of my view because of a fold in the land, only then did I see it was concealing 5 points between its ears. I pulled up and exhaled right into my scope fogging it up. The deer took another step and all that I could see was its neck. I quickly wiped off my scope and squeezed off a shot dropping it in its tracks. I was sorry that my friend and teacher was not there to see my first deer, but I was thrilled to have finally harvested one. It took me an hour to field dress it…it being my first …and then another hour of dragging. We enjoyed the venison most of the winter.”

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