2016 Deer Season Expectations

Rifle Season November

It’s July and I haven’t stopped thinking about deer season since it ended last year. It’s been seven months since I kissed the woods goodbye with an unfilled deer tag in my pocket. It hurt, oh it hurt so bad to say goodbye, especially with unfinished business. I haven’t found a decent recipe for tag…

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A Thanksgiving to Remember!

A Thanksgiving to Remember! 1

By Aaron Benware. To say I was a proud papa would be an understatement. I had dreamed about this day for a long time. Nicole started going out hunting with me when she was about 10 years old. We started with youth waterfowl season and progressed into youth deer season. After a couple years, she…

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VT Rifle 2014: Hunts 1 & 2 – Success!!

Around 10 am on opening day I met up with Dad who was sitting in his typical spot in a big open hardwoods. “Not much happening,” I said bleakly to him. As is my opening day custom, I had just covered a lot of ground in hopes of getting a feel for where the deer…

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NH Rifle 2014: Hunt’s 1 & 2 – Double Up Again!

By daybreak I had eased my way down the hill to a semi-open hardwoods bordered by tall stands of pine trees and littered with stonewalls and oak trees. This particular location had some decent sign and I knew it to be a common area the deer traveled through to bed down for the day. It…

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Guest Post by Justin Meyers: My First Archery Buck!

When I saw Justin share a picture of his first archery buck on twitter (@RtHunter365) I had to ask him if he wanted to share the story of how his successful hunt. Justin lives in Pennsylvania and with a little hard work in the offseason he was able to secure permission to hunt a farm and it…

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