2016 Vermont White-Tailed Deer Harvest Report – 6 Observations

2016 VT Deer Harvest Report

I’ll admit, reading the harvest report is much more fun when I’ve contributed to the harvest statistics. Phrases like, “The overall harvest was 27% more than 2015…” are much easier to stomach if I was part of the increase. It felt like everyone had a better year than me. Cue the violin music. That’s okay,…

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Hunting in November – How does Vermont Rank?

Big Buck, Deer, Rut

As the popular Sesame Street song goes, “One of these things is not like the other…” When it comes to deer hunting in early November, Vermont is certainly the thing in the song that is not like the others. I have often pondered why Vermont doesn’t have an open deer season for the general public…

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Is This a Buck or a Doe?

Vermont deer, trail camera

Take a look at this picture of a healthy looking buck that was taken a few days ago in the northwest part of Vermont. Everything in this picture would indicate this deer to be a buck and well on it’s way to being a legal one at that. I can already see the target forming…

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Doe Permits, Turkey Hunting, and Woodchucks.

Woodchuck, whistelpig

Wow, what a week of discussion about Muzzleloader doe permits in Vermont. Speaking of does, I was at my parent’s house the other day looking out across the field where does and fawns sometimes feed in the light of the setting sun. It was then that I saw a dark spot resembling the figure of…

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2015 Vermont Deer Harvest Report–7 Observations

2015 Vermont Deer Harvest Report

I admit I get all geeked out when the Vermont Deer Harvest Report is published each year. It’s just that cool. The 2015 report is no exception. On the heels of a tough winter the buck harvest was above average, adding to the intrigue. I’ve been looking forward to it since the sun set on…

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