A Morning “Hunt” with Sam

Checking Cams with Sam

¬†Some days are just fun. Last Saturday was one of them. I love my little boy and last weekend we were able to spend a morning together in the woods “hunting”. The night before he was so excited for his hot chocolate that he didn’t fall asleep until 10 pm. His normal bedtime is 7:30, but around 9:30 when Steph went in to his room to try and quiet him, I overheard him tell her about the cup of hot chocolate he was going to have the next morning. ūüôā¬†


First Taste

This was Sam’s first sip of hot chocolate. It’s funny he was so excited the night before because he hadn’t ever tasted it before and I’m not even sure he knew what it was!



¬†We came across an acorn producing oak tree and while we were standing there this chipmunk (look close) came running down the hill towards us. We were standing on a rather steep hill and Sam could not see coming towards us because he couldn’t see over the log. When the chipmunk hopped over he whispered, “THERE HE IS!” We are still working on the whispering part.¬†


Sam Drinking Hot Cocoa

He only turned three a month and a half ago and it feels like the basis of our relationship has been¬†built on bribery since then. This was our second hot chocolate stop and it was the¬†result of a bribe that allowed me to check one more camera. I really feel like I got the raw end of the deal because the “hike” involved me carrying him the entire time (with my healing but still sore broken toe) and listening to phrases like, “my leg hurts,” and “this is taking a long time”. Thank goodness I had a cup of hot cocoa to look forward to…


Hot Cocoa Smiles

When Sam first arrived in this world I often joked that I’d allow him to grow up into the man he wanted to be – as long as he liked to golf and hunt. So far he likes our little hunting trips so that makes me smile. Of course, he hasn’t sat on a cold rock for hours on end in a snow storm waiting for a deer to wander by yet. We better make a double batch of hot chocolate before that trip.¬†


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