87 Obvious Ways to Improve Vermont’s Deer Herd.

Vermont Spike Horn Deer

Vermont deer hunters are an easy bunch to please. Anyone who has lived and hunted in Vermont for a period of time has probably picked up on that, especially at the end of any particular deer season. Yet despite the many great memories made during the season, hunters are constantly trying to improve the sport they love with a few simple changes to the regulations. Who can blame them? Isn’t it human nature to want to make things better? I know I’d like to see a few changes.

I’ve found that hunting groups on Facebook are a fantastic place to share ideas. The best part about social media platforms like Facebook is that they are so good at bringing people together. Opinions and ideas are shared in a safe environment and everyone feels supported. Problems are solved and the deer “hurd” is saved. Discussion threads on the topic always end with commenters spontaneously singing the song Kumbaya in unison and virtually hold hands while dreaming together of big bucks behind every tree the following year along with a one to one buck to doe ratio. Oh, and no more coyotes. I can’t help but break out in song each time I think about it.

Here’s the problem. I have yet to find a compilation of the ideas in one list, so I took some time this evening and combed through a few Facebook posts to create one list all Vermont hunters can benefit from.  I’m sure after reading through the list that you’ll be reminded how easy it is to please everyone. Here now are 87 obvious ways to improve the deer hurd…err, I mean heard…. wait, maybe it’s herd. I don’t know, just enjoy the list and get excited about next years improved herd.

  1. Two deer per year, only one buck allowed.
  2. Lottery for doe tags.
  3. Keep muzzleloader the same.
  4. Keep the spike law!
  5. Archery should be continuous from October through middle of December.
  6. One either sex tag in only bow season.
  7. Youth shouldn’t be allowed to hunt until they are ten.
  8. Muzzleloader should be a week longer.
  9. Muzzleloader should be earlier.
  10. Quit shootin’ pregnant does!
  11. There should be a 3 point antler restriction!
  12. Only one deer per year!
  13. One deer each season, 3 deer annual limit.
  14. Keep youth season the way it is.
  15. Change rifle dates to make it the entire month of December.
  16. Make us like Pennsylvania!
  17. Make us like New Hampshire!
  18. Muzzleloader should be before rifle!
  19. Should have 3 days of doe season at start of rifle.
  20. Keep the antler restriction!
  21. Muzzleloader should be at the end of October.
  22. Don’t let fawns be shot!
  23. Make spikes legal during bow.
  24. Make spike legal for hunters 50 years old and older.
  25. Keep bow season first.
  26. Need a bounty on coyotes.
  27. Should be an earn a buck system.
  28. Doe permits for rifle but charge $100 a permit.
  29. Bow season should start on October first and end on October 31.
  30. Youth should still be allowed to shoot any deer.
  31. Put an end to road hunters.
  32. Should have a split muzzleloader season.
  33. Does shouldn’t be shot in the green mountains.
  34. Muzzleloader season should only allow Antique muzzleloaders.
  35. Muzzleloader season should be extended through the end of December.
  36. Should be a 4 point per side antler restriction.
  37. Does should not be allowed to be shot with rifles. That works in other states, but it would never work in Vermont.
  38. No more spike rule.
  39. Quit shooting pregnant does.
  40. Youth should only be allowed to shoot 4 points or better.
  41. Youth should only be allowed to shoot one deer as a youth hunter, then must follow the rules like everyone else.
  42. Annual deer limit should be changed to 2.
  43. Deer killed by youth should count toward annual limit.
  44. Youth should have to follow the same rules as older hunters.
  45. Need stiffer penalties for poachers.
  46. Archery season should move to September.
  47. Muzzleloader season should be between bow season and rifle season.
  48. Should be allowed to hunt does with rifle for one weekend if you win a raffle.
  49. Muzzleloader should be during the first part of archery.
  50. Change everything.
  51. Kill more turkeys.
  52. Get rid of does season to prove it’s not about the money.
  53. In areas of overpopulation, you should be able to get a bonus buck tag after shooting two does.
  54. 2 day antlerless season for juniors, seniors, military and disabled.
  55. Archery should go from first Saturday in October to second Saturday in December.
  56. Need an early muzzleloader season for antlerless only.
  57. No killing does for the rest of the year after rifle starts.
  58. Shouldn’t be hunting with muzzleloaders when there are still leaves on the trees. Too dangerous.
  59. Muzzleloader for 7 days immediately prior to Thanksgiving.
  60. There should be no deer season for one year to let the herd rebound.
  61. There should be no deer season for two years to let the herd rebound.
  62. There should be no deer season for three years to let the herd rebound.
  63. There should be no deer season for………..
  64. The should be no buck hunting for one year, only does. Need to improve the buck:doe ratio.
  65. There should be no buck hunting for two years, only does. Need to improve the buck:doe ratio.
  66. There should be no buck hunting for three years, only does. Need to improve the buck:doe ratio.
  67. There should be no buck hunting for……….
  68. Current use laws need to not allow posting!
  69. Should be logging more.
  70. Should have a 1 deer per year limit.
  71. Vermont’s herd cannot sustain longer seasons.
  72. Need better habitat for the deer.
  73. Youth weekend needs to change in the Northeast Kingdom.
  74. Need to overhaul the state employees who got us in this mess.
  75. The Fish and Wildlife Board needs to pull their heads out of the sand. Have they even hunted in Vermont? Bunch of idiots. (My favorite for obvious reasons.)
  76. Need doe tags for rifle.
  77. Doe tags should be given for use in any season.
  78. Buck to doe ratio is way out of whack. Need to shoot more does.
  79. First timer youths can shoot whatever, but not after that.
  80. 3 deer per year, one can be a buck with no “horn” restriction.
  81. The state should plant food plots on state land.
  82. Archery season is too long.
  83. Crossbows should be legal for everyone.
  84. Crossbows shouldn’t be legal.
  85. Crossbows should be legal during muzzleloader season.
  86. Hunters should be allowed to bring a muzzleloader and bow at the same time if they have a valid tag for both and the season is open at the same time.
  87. The Fish and Wildlife Board never does what the hunters want.

87 Obvious Ways to Improve Vermont’s Deer Herd. 1Well, that was a fun exercise! 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if I should resist writing about some things, but I’m just trying to be helpful.

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5 years ago

Pretty sure #10 and #39 are redundant. Let’s call it 86 obvious ways. I’m positive every one of them would combine strategically to hurl Vermont into the state with the largest herd (or is is hurd?) of the largest deer in North America.

Paul Biebel
Paul Biebel
5 years ago

88. There should be an “After 5:00pm License” for age 50 and older.