2015 Hunting Journal: VT Archery 10.8.15

Spike Horn

The October lull is just kicking into full gear, and I didn’t have a chance to hunt this week! But not being able to hunt didn’t mean that I didn’t think about it each day and during the last two nights when I couldn’t sleep for some reason. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about…

  1. Maybe it’s time for a new lucky charm. With my slow start to the season, I’m beginning to think that the dull knife I carry with me into the woods isn’t cutting it anymore. The dull one always used to bring me luck, but this year I threw a sharp one in my bag as well because it’s a lot easier to field dress a deer with a blade that can cut through a deer hide. I think the two might be cancelling each other out. This weekend I’m leaving the sharp one in the truck.
  2. I’m catching a cold. It’s dangerous ground to tread on when you can feel like you are about to catch a cold during deer season and you are also married. On the one hand, I’ll be too sick to work on any projects around the house – watching football and hot tea will be about the only thing I’ll be able to handle this weekend. On the other hand, lying around watching football can’t be overdone in case an opportunity to hunt presents itself. For some reason, wives have a different method of measuring the severity of a particular illness. It’s not that sitting in a treestand would heal me; it’s just that it has the same effect as a half dozen Sudafed and a bag of cough drops. If she was a hunter she would understand.
  3. The spike rule is working!!! I saw pictures of three nice bucks posted since the start of archery in Vermont. It didn’t take long for a few people to use them as poster boards for why antler restrictions work. So the discussion begins again… It will be interesting to take a look at the data AFTER the season is completed to see how it compares to the previous years.
  4. I need new boots. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought new boots so it’s all coming to a head this fall. My winter boots are toast. I also had a pair of insulated hiking boots. They are toast as well. All I am left with are my steel toed hiking boots for work. Until now they have served me well, but with the colder weather coming I think I’ll have to spend some money in order to keep my toes from freezing off. I hate spending money on stuff like that. A new treestand would be so much cooler.

I’ve been thinking about a lot more (like, where did I put my grunt tube?), but I’ll spare you the rest. Now I’m going to scoop out a cup of fresh chicken broth from the crockpot and watch some football. My wife just got home from work so it’s time to show her how bad my cold is in case I don’t have an opportunity to go hunting this weekend…

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