2015 Hunting Journal: NH Archery Update 10.23.15

IMG_1888Steph and Sam have left me all alone for five days. It’s a hunting weekend just for me! That and the bathroom floor remodel that seems to be overtaking my hunting time.

Here’s the deal: I discovered a little bit of mold in each bathroom by the tubs. Once I started peeling back the vinyl floor to inspect the magnitude of the situation, it became apparent that the existing vinyl floor would not be going back down. No problem, I’ll just remove both toilets, one of the vanities and every piece of baseboard to get ready. Oh, and new underlayment. And then I get to put it all back! All of this before the vinyl floor installer shows up in the morning. Awesome.

What’s even more awesome is that I chose to go hunting yesterday afternoon instead of doing all that work. Bathroom work can happen after dark, hunting can’t. Priorities people. So, I worked until late last night and was back bear hugging my personal porcelain throne this morning at 6 AM as I unbolted it from the floor. While crouched down, I noticed the June 2015 issue of North American Whitetail at the top of the magazine stack. Headlining the cover were the words, “BOW HUNT BETTER.” Perfect, after wounding that doe last week I figured it was exactly what I needed.

So, I set down my wrench and rested my head against the tank while I thumbed through the issue. There is no time like the present for advice. As it turns out, if I buy a new arrow rest, bow sight, and release I’ll become a much more accurate shooter. That will probably cost more than my bathroom floors. Plus, I need to change my draw length. I’m not sure why, but some author suggested it and if I want to shoot more deer I need to do it. I’ll go hang from the monkey bars to try and lengthen my arms a bit to match up to my soon to be longer draw length.

Finally, a different author has suggested I find the acorns that the deer are feeding on. He claims that it’s important to know your nuts (how did he know I was reading a magazine while bear hugging a toilet?) and that they have varying availability. This year, every oak has acorns. If I were the author I’d suggest that it’s the deer that have varying availability, not the nuts. Come to think of it, so do I thanks to these bathrooms floors. As soon as I can I’ll be out of here. Maybe this weekend I’ll cross paths with an available deer.

Successfully bagging a deer is tough work, both mentally and physically. I closed the magazine, picked up my wrench and got back to work on the toilet. I sighed heavily and thought, “I’m pooped.”

Tim FaceIt’s the last weekend of archery in Vermont and it’s also youth weekend in NH. Get out and have some fun. Happy Hunting!

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