2015 Hunting Journal: 11.5.15

The King

When I don’t have an opportunity to hunt during the week I spend my time thinking about it. Reliving the excitement of a previous hunt definitely helps pass the time until the next hunt and also leads a lack of production when you should be producing. Know what I mean?

Today, I figured it would be fun to share a series of trail camera pictures we captured on a night during the peak of the rut back in 2009. The star of the show, Mr. Big, was a regular middle-of- the-night traveler on our cameras, but he never showed his face during daylight hours. He’d been around for a couple of years but disappeared for good later that month. With the way he was acting, I’m willing to bet he found his way into the bed of a lucky hunters truck. 

The scene unfolded one night at the local bar (Apple Tree). Mr. Big made his usual appearance and started harassing the ladies. Another stud, let’s call him “Junior,” decides he doesn’t like the way Mr. Big is acting and decides to pick a fight. We’d never gotten a picture of Junior before so I think he was passing through the area and up to no good. After the fight, Mr. Big went back to harassing one female in particular, eventually earning himself a kiss. I’m not sure if he took it to the next level or not. If so, it wasn’t in front of the camera.New Hampshire Buck

The Fight

Pursuit 2

Pursuit 3

Pursuit 5

2015 Hunting Journal: 11.5.15 1

Pursuit 8

Kissing Deer

Good looking couple, don’t you think? I spent many nights dreaming about seeing him from the stand. It wasn’t meant to be, but just knowing he was out there made it a fun year!

Tim FaceCould the next week get any more exciting? Youth weekend in Vermont starts this Saturday. New Hampshire Rifle season starts the following Wednesday, and Vermont Rifle starts next Saturday!!! The other night I was refreshing my wife’s memory about these important things and finished by saying, “It’s about to get serious.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “And it hasn’t been already?!” 

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