2014 Hunting Photo Contest Voting Schedule and Instructions

2014Tournament Bracket FinalOK, I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and put together the dates for each voting round for this years photo contest. This should be a lot of fun, but before we get started I must give many thanks to Eyecon Trail Cameras for being the contest sponsor this year! Thank you! Thank you! And also, thank you to each and every one of you for participating in the fun by sharing your hunting memories  for a chance to win some great prizes! Good luck to you all. 

For each contest, voting will take place from 12:01 am until midnight of the specified day and will take place on the blog. When the polls close the contest is over and the photo with the most votes will move on to the next round. Simple right? Reminders for each vote will be made on The 4 Pointers Facebook page (How about you head on over there and give my page a like?) and through email to subscribers (Hey! I have an idea…Why not subscribe so you don’t miss the reminder?! Do it here: Subscribe).

And finally, what you all have been waiting for – The Schedule!! Drumroll please……

Round 1: December 20 and 21

Northeast Kingdom Region (Saturday, December 20th)

N. Langlitz v.s A. Stewart 
M. Merchant vs. J. Smith

Mountainous Region (Saturday, December 20th)

C. Melendy vs. T. Brown
J. Garlough vs. J. Street

Eastern Foothills Region (Sunday, December 21st)

B. Sheldon vs. R. Merrill 
B. Willey vs. B. Huntington  

Western Foothills Region (Sunday, December 21st)

D. Wood vs. M. Johnson
J. Meyers vs. S. Freeman

Round 2: December 22 and 23

Northeast Kingdom Region (Monday, December 22nd)

L. Gauthier vs. Round 1 Winner 
S. Farrow vs. P. Loyer
B. Marci vs. T. Rounds
T. Cochran vs. Round 1 Winner

Mountainous Region (Monday, December 22nd)

C. Roberts vs. Winner Round 1
C. Huebner vs. J. McDonald
E. Earle vs. A Rodgers
K. Jarosz vs. Winner Round 1

Eastern Foothills Region (Tuesday, December 23rd)

J. Miller vs. Round 1 Winner 
M. Covey vs. M. Bates
F. Warren vs. C. Temple
E. Derman vs. Round 1 Winner

Western Foothills Region (Tuesday, December 23rd)

C. Dillingham vs. Round 1 Winner
J. Farrar vs. I. Young
B. Dix vs. S. Glendenning
R. Wixson vs. Round 1 Winner

Round 3: December 26 and 27

Northeast Kingdom Region (Friday, December 26th)
Mountainous Region (Friday, December 26th)

Eastern Foothills Region (Saturday, December 27th)
Western Foothills Region (Saturday, December 27th)

Round 4: December 28 and 29

Northeast Kingdom Region (Sunday, December 28th)
Mountainous Region (Sunday, December 28th)

Eastern Foothills Region (Monday, December 29th)
Western Foothills Region (Monday, December 29th)

Round 4: December 30th

Northeast Kingdom Region vs. Eastern Foothills Region (Tuesday, December 30th)
Mountainous Region vs. Western Foothills Region (Tuesday, December 30th)

Round 5: CHAMPIONSHIP – December 31st

TV4002-StormII-Door-Open_100logoWinner of Northeast Kingdom Region/Eastern Foothills Region vs.
Winner of Mountainous Region/Western Foothills Region


Loser of Northeast Kingdom Region/Eastern Foothills Region vs.
Loser of Mountainous Region/Western Foothills Region


Good luck to Each and every one of you and have fun voting! 

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