11 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hunter in Your Life

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Have you ever struggled to know what to buy that special someone in your life who loves to hunt? Well, look no further! I’ve compiled a list of 11 items that any hunter would love to find under the tree Christmas morning. The first 5 items on the list I have experience with and trust. The next 5 items are a sneak peek into my own personal dream list. They’re a bit more expensive, but hey, it’s Christmas! You never know what Santa might leave under the tree. 

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. It’s not much, but if you buy something and Santa doesn’t come to my house this year, perhaps I’ll at least earn enough to buy a cup of coffee. It’s also worth noting that I’m not paid to suggest any of the items below. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to being paid for something like that, it’s just that no one has offered to do it yet. 

What I Own and Recommend:

1. These heated socks made by Volt Heat have been my favorite clothing item this hunting season, by far! I will have a full review of them in the coming weeks but rest assured, these socks have made many frigid mornings in the stand enjoyable when I normally would have been thinking about my frozen toes the entire time. If you have a family member with wimpy toes like me, they need a pair of heated socks. 

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2. Last Christmas I asked for a new hunting pack. The one I had was functional, but a little small for what I like to carry around, especially with my seven-year-old son starting to tag along. I need lots of room for snacks, hot chocolate, and extra clothes. I settled on the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack because it had a few features I was looking for, such as a rifle or bow holder (someday I’ll hunt out west again where that would be handy), and more organized space. The rain cover is also a nice feature. At $77, it’s a darn good deal.  

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3. Every hunter should have a buck grunt in their bag of tricks. I’ve long been a fan of the Primos Buck Roar. It’s been in my coat pocket for at least a decade. A couple of the mature bucks I’ve killed (along with multiple other failed opportunities) in Vermont have been a direct result of blowing some hot air through this tube. I highly recommend it. 

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4. Many moons ago, my wife bought me the Primos bow sling as a Christmas gift. Carrying a bow around can be a bit cumbersome on long hikes, and I prefer to let my shoulders do the work so I can keep my hands free. I don’t use it on every hunt, but if I am planning to do a lot of walking I definitely bring it along.

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5. This isn’t an item that will help your hunter bag a deer, but if the hunter in your family gets bored in the stand easily, I highly recommend “A Hunt for Justice,” by retired undercover Fish and Wildlife agent Lucinda Delaney Schroeder. In the book, she details the story of her undercover mission to infiltrate a trophy outfitter camp in the wilderness of Alaska. It’s a real page turner, filled with stories of courage and resolve. I loved this book and I’m convinced it’s a story every hunter would love to read. 

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My Dream List:

6. One of the most frustrating things about my current gear is that it doesn’t include a lightweight climber for long hikes. For good reason – they aren’t cheap. Lone Wolf makes a compact climber that only weighs fourteen pounds. I’d like to have one of these to use when I know Mr. Big is traveling through that pinch point a mile from the truck. 

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7. Trail cameras are one of my favorite aspects of hunting, especially at this stage in my life when I can’t hunt as much as I’d like to. At least with some trail cameras spread throughout the woods, I can see what’s happening when I’m not there. My current mishmash of cameras have been slowly dying on me and it’s time to add some more to my bag. Moultrie makes an inexpensive camera that gets solid reviews that I’d be more than happy with, and at such a low price point I wouldn’t have to worry as much about them getting stolen. Five to ten of these should do it, or more… Just in case my wife or someone from Moultrie happens to read this.

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8. If I have a pair of heated socks, why wouldn’t I also want a pair of heated gloves? Based on my research, Savior Heated Gloves get the best reviews. They are expensive, but I’d hate for Santa to waste money on a cheap pair only to have them quit working. 

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9. This has been on my watch list for some time. I love hunting on clear, cold days because the action can be good, but staying warm has always been an issue. The way I figure, if I can zip myself into the Heater Body Suit and turn my heated socks and gloves on, I could stay warm all day. The only trick will be figuring out how to drink a cup of coffee or use the bathroom, but I’m happy to figure that out when the time comes.  

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10. I would love to be able to capture my hunts on film. I love looking back through pictures of hunts, but an iPhone only has so much capability. Those bobcats I saw this year look like blurry specs even at twenty yards. The deer feeding only fifty yards away from me last weekend looked like ants when I watch the video. A DSLR camera will allow me to film and take quality pictures I can look through later or share with friends. Maybe someday…

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11. My favorite outdoor writer is Patrick McManus (my apologies to all the others). He was well known for his short, humorous stories that graced the back page of Outdoor Life and Field and Stream. His articles were the first I looked for with each new issue and I own all of his books. Unknown to many, near the end of his career, McManus wrote a series of murder mystery novels that captured his simple humor and make for enjoyable reads. If the holidays have you feeling stressed and burned out, treat yourself to a few relaxing reads about gruesome murders. You deserve it. 

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11 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hunter in Your Life 1Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s almost as exciting as Opening Day of deer season! Don’t be afraid to share this with your friends and family!

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5 years ago

A modest list which I’m sure Santa will honor. I’m a bit less optimistic about mine:

1. A Big Horn Armory Model 89 in 50 S&W.
2. A 3-week moose, grizzly, and caribou hunt in Alaska.
3. A 1966 Pontiac GTO
4. A 2019 Indian Roadmaster
5. 4 Days at Augusta National Golf Course
6. A bottle of MacAllen 30 year old Sherry Oak Scotch
7. A Beneteau 57

You listening Santa?