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Twas the Night Before Rifle Season

  ‘Twas the night before Rifle Season and all through my mind, Were images of big bucks that were one of a kind. My Gear was in a pile on the bench by the door, The next morning I’d be wearing it at quarter past four.

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My Top 5 Favorite Deer Hunts, Kinda…

Just last week I saw someone’s twitter post that read, “I don’t keep the racks to brag about them, I keep them because of the memories they hold.” I’ve been blessed to hunt in some great locations around North America, but to be honest, shooting a deer with a large rack has never been the…

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Calling All Deer!

In a previous post I mentioned that when I was a just a young(er) fella hunting with my Dad we discovered the power of a using a grunt call. That experience resulted in a nice buck for my memory vault and a lesson I’ll never forget. Since that time I have been enamored with calling,…

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Track Soup

Today on the blog I highlight a poem called “Track Soup” that my uncle Dave Biebel wrote a number of years ago. It’s an all too familiar story for most of us. Thankfully, I will not have to eat any track soup this year since I already have one in the freezer, but I’ve had…

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A Sad Case of Venison

Why is it that I can kill a deer during hunting season and not feel much remorse but when a motorist collides with a deer I hate it and feel deeply sorry for the deer? It is such an awful way to go and the deer often lives for a while after the collision suffering…

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