A Novice’s Guide to Tracking: Part 1

Colin T.

Today on the blog I have the pleasure of sharing a great article written by Colin Temple. Colin loves hunting in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont and his favorite way to hunt is by tracking. So today Colin shares with all of us what he has learned over the years as he’s spent his time pursuing the elusive whitetail buck. I know you will enjoy reading this two-part series as much as I did. Enjoy!

A Novice’s Guide to Tracking: Part 1
By Colin Temple

I’ve always found something romantic about getting out in the woods on a cold November morning with a checkered red and black Johnson Woolen Mills jacket and Bean boots on in search of that big buck’s track in a fresh snowfall. In many areas of VT that is difficult to do for a multitude of reasons – no snow, too many hunters, not enough land, low probability of finding a “big buck” track, and the list goes on. Growing up with family and friends I always knew of people who had tracked down many bucks that I would only dream about seeing in the woods. At the time my grandfather, father and I spent most of our time hunting down in unit J2, where tracking was largely an impractical method of hunting for all of those reasons listed above. 

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