Local Hunter Disagrees with Wife Over Need for Taxidermy

Local Hunter Disagrees With Wife Over Need For Taxidermy

For Immediate Release: April 2, 2018Media Contact: tim@the4pointer.comWindsor County, VT – Recently, local hunter Tim Biebel was reported to have engaged in a spirited discussion over taxidermy bills with his lovely wife. Biebel, having refrained from spending any amount of money on taxidermy since united in holy matrimony almost thirteen years ago, finally decided to break open the piggy bank…

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My European Mount Project

European Mount

With a decent buck on the ground early in the season I had a little extra spare time around the house to try something I’ve always wanted to do – a European Mount. The buck was nice but he wasn’t big enough to tempt me to have him mounted so I set to work researching what I needed to complete a European Mount on my own. Through research (I watched one video on YouTube) I learned that I only needed a big pot, a hot flame, some bleach crème from a salon store and some small hand tools.

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