Bucks I Have Known

Bucks I Have Known

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many bucks over the years. Their pictures take up space on my phone and cover the walls in my office. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting a few them. Every detail of our relationship is easily recalled in my mind at a moment’s notice. I know I’m not alone here. Why is that? Remembering the items my wife told me to pick up at the grocery store only minutes before is next to impossible. But that big buck I saw three days after the season ended back in 2001 has stayed with me to this date.

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10 Reasons You Should Allow Your Hunting Partners the Privilege of Field Dressing and Dragging Out Your Deer

10 Reasons You Should Allow Your Hunting Partners The Privilege Of Field Dressing And Dragging Out Your Deer

Good, solid hunting mentors like I had growing up are in serious demand these days. Without them, kids are content to sit inside, warm and dry with their faces glued to electronic devices. I never had that opportunity because electronic devices didn’t exist yet. I was forced to play outside. The out of doors, as near as I can tell, was the modern-day parental version of screen time. “Go outside!” my mother would often say with a sweet and kind tone to her voice. An aging group of mentors and kids growing up with no desire to step foot in the woods is a bad combination!

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Hunting in November – How does Vermont Rank?

Hunting In November – How Does Vermont Rank?

As the popular Sesame Street song goes, “One of these things is not like the other…” When it comes to deer hunting in early November, Vermont is certainly the thing in the song that is not like the others. I have often pondered why Vermont doesn’t have an open deer season for the general public during the pre-rut phase, which in Vermont occurs in the first half of November. This part of the rut is considered by many as the most exciting time to hunt bucks, not only because the chances of successfully filling a tag are higher, but because the overall experience is better. Bucks are on the move cruising for does, making scrape lines, and more receptive to calling. That combination can make for an exciting hunt!

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A Thanksgiving to Remember!

A Thanksgiving To Remember!

New Hampshire 8 point buckBy Aaron Benware.

To say I was a proud papa would be an understatement. I had dreamed about this day for a long time. Nicole started going out hunting with me when she was about 10 years old. We started with youth waterfowl season and progressed into youth deer season. After a couple years, she decided she didn’t want to hunt deer anymore. When I asked her why, she said “You know Dad, I have a hard time being quiet.” Fair enough. Then when she turned 16 years old, she decided on her own to get her hunter safety. I was really stoked.

We hunted deer her first year holding a license, and she actually saw her first deer in the woods. It was carrying the mail when it went by, but she was hooked.

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2015 Hunting Journal: NH Rifle Season 11.12.13

New Hampshire Doe 2015

 “It’s just a doe,” I told my wife when I called her. The words didn’t feel right when I said them because I was happy with the doe, and I didn’t mean to diminish the accomplishment – or the doe. I won’t lie – I was hoping for a buck – but I was ready to shoot a doe. That’s what I did.

There are a couple of reasons I was willing to shoot a buck or a doe. First, I’ve hardly seen a deer this year and with Vermont Rifle Season right around the corner I wanted to make sure I put some venison in the freezer. Second, my wife really wanted venison.

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