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2015 Hunting Journal: VT Archery Update 10.12.15

This weekend I was able to get out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. On Friday, I went with my friend, Christian, who invited me to sit in a stand overlooking his new food plot. I finally saw something… Since I’d never been to his food plot, we walked in together so he could explain where…

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Porcupine Deer

Last fall I found myself slowly working through a mix of hardwood and softwood trees at daybreak on the second day of rifle season in New Hampshire. The weather was perfect – no wind and dry leaves – one of my favorite conditions to hunt. I love having the ability to hear deer coming from…

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Greatest Trail Camera Pics

For many, trail camera season is in full swing, but I’ve yet to have an opportunity to set any up this year. After looking back through some pictures, it’s obviously time to buy some batteries and hang some cameras! Until then, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites (like the three bear cubs…

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