2018 Hunting Season Update #1 – I Have Determined Where the Deer Are Not

2018 Hunting Season Update #1 – I Have Determined Where The Deer Are Not

My deer season has gotten off to a slow start, there is no denying that. New Hampshire archery season opened on September 15th, but I was not able to hunt for the first time until the 25th and it was in an absolute downpour. It was a halfhearted attempt because of the weather, and I was mostly interested in taking the opportunity to check some trail cameras I’d set out a few weeks prior anyway.

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My Strategy for This November

My Strategy For This November

Rifle Season November

Just the other day I was looking at my work calendar and I noticed I didn’t have any appointments scheduled for the month of November yet. I realize we are still seven months away (ONLY SEVEN MONTHS?!?!?!), but I think about this month every day of the year. It’s an important month for deer hunters as I am sure you know.

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