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2017 Vermont Muzzleloader – A Four Pointer!

Vermont Muzzleloader Buck

I had just settled into my new role as a big buck killer, and then a young four pointer walked in front of my crosshairs and ruined it. My notoriety was short-lived, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Similar to The Biggest Little Buck Ever Killed that I wrote about a…

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2016 Hunting Season Summary – Part 2

Hunting Season Summary Vermont

As I mentioned in the previous post (Hunting Season Summary – Part 1), the abundant food situation was similar in Vermont as it was in New Hampshire. However, I did have some camera’s out in Vermont during the preseason that helped identify a few decent bucks that were in the area. These deer were afraid…

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2016 Hunting Season Summary – Part 1

2016 Hunting Season Summary - Part 1 1

Ending the season with unfilled tags is not a failure, but not learning from your mistakes is. As I reflect on the past season, I am still trying to determine what mistakes, if any, I made. I am not talking about lazy mistakes, such as not paying attention at a critical time. I made plenty…

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4PT16.18 – The Wounded Doe

Wounded Doe, Blood Trail

Let me spare you the agony and sum up my last weekend of hunting like this – I went hunting, saw nothing, and came home. Now let me tell you about the story of the wounded doe. After a morning of hunting on Saturday, I dropped my dad off at his house, and as I…

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