Don’t Trust a Storyteller

Don’t Trust A Storyteller

Hunting stories have been told since the dawn of time. Some are told for the purpose of handing down family tradition. In a dimly lit cave, Thak used cave paintings of hunting expeditions to explain the family lineage to his son, Grog. Today, most stories are told purely for entertainment, though plenty are still told around a campfire and many of the storytellers still act like cavemen. Some constants will always remain when hunting stories are told.

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Hunting With Matthew

Vermont 8 Pointer

By Richard Wixson

Our morning started out in one of our spots that we usually hunt every year. Soon after entering the woods we split up as we worked out way through the trees. I was trying to jump something down to Matthew but that didn’t work and we came back together on the trail.

 We started back up the trail and looked up on the side hill in the oaks about 150 yards out and I noticed a deer with his head to the ground cruising. I told Matthew it was a buck that he should get ready. He came within 40 yards and picked his head up when he stopped by a log picked. It was a 1 horn spike about 8″ long. The other side was completely broken off. Matthew was so bummed and couldn’t believe why that didn’t happen during youth season. I said it wasn’t meant to be and we continued with the hunt for the morning.

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 After five rounds of intense voting we've made it to the the championship round! Congratulations to Christina Dillingham and Frank Warren for submitting some great pictures and for making it to the championship! One of you will soon be recieving a brand new Eyecon Storm II trail Camera. Awesome!As always, the winners will be announced on Facebook tomorrow. Championship F. Warren vs. C. DillinghamSubmitted by: Frank…

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 After four rounds of intense voting we've made it to the final four round. Congratulations to our four contestants from each region and good luck today and tomorrow. You are almost there!After today's votes the championship match up will be established along with the match up for 3rd and 4th place. Voting on those will occur tomorrow (Tuesday the 30th) and…

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Round 4: VOTE NOW – Eastern Foothills Region & Western Foothills Region

 Round 4 of the tournament continues today and we have 2 head to head match ups to vote for in this post! Voting is very simple... Decide which picture you like best and then click on the name of the person (in the blue box underneath the photo) who submitted it to cast your vote. Winners will be announced tomorrow on Facebook. Make sure you…

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