Hunting With Matthew

Vermont 8 Pointer

By Richard Wixson

Our morning started out in one of our spots that we usually hunt every year. Soon after entering the woods we split up as we worked out way through the trees. I was trying to jump something down to Matthew but that didn’t work and we came back together on the trail.

 We started back up the trail and looked up on the side hill in the oaks about 150 yards out and I noticed a deer with his head to the ground cruising. I told Matthew it was a buck that he should get ready. He came within 40 yards and picked his head up when he stopped by a log picked. It was a 1 horn spike about 8″ long. The other side was completely broken off. Matthew was so bummed and couldn’t believe why that didn’t happen during youth season. I said it wasn’t meant to be and we continued with the hunt for the morning.

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2014 NH Archery: Late Season Doe

IMG_0076Last Friday afternoon I was able to finish up work with just enough time to race to my stand for a last minute bow hunt in NH. It was the night before the muzzleloader opener in Vermont and I was hoping the deer were moving before the incoming nasty weather the next morning.

I didn’t have time to change out of my work clothes so I threw my hunting jacket on over coveralls and hiked up the ridge to a permanent ladder stand we set up 4 years ago. We’ve seen many deer from the tree but haven’t been able to close the deal on many of them. I climbed up the ladder at 3:10 and hung up my bow and back pack on the tree hooks already in place. Just as I finished brushing the ice crusted snow off the seat I heard the sound of deer running. Much to my surprise I turned around and saw three deer crest the top of a small rise and run right for my stand.

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NH Rifle 2014: Hunt’s 1 & 2 – Double Up Again!

Double upBy daybreak I had eased my way down the hill to a semi-open hardwoods bordered by tall stands of pine trees and littered with stonewalls and oak trees. This particular location had some decent sign and I knew it to be a common area the deer traveled through to bed down for the day. It was the second morning of New Hampshire’s 2014 rifle season and it was the last day that my rifle tag was good for a buck or doe. I’d been given strict instructions from my wife to FILL MY TAG or else she threatened to buy meat elsewhere. As a result, I exercised my trigger finger on and off throughout the morning to make sure I was ready if an opportunity presented itself.

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Guest Post by Justin Meyers: My First Archery Buck!


When I saw Justin share a picture of his first archery buck on twitter (@RtHunter365) I had to ask him if he wanted to share the story of how his successful hunt. Justin lives in Pennsylvania and with a little hard work in the offseason he was able to secure permission to hunt a farm and it paid off! I hope you enjoy the read, I know I did.

I began hunting in the fall of 2011 while on a test drive with my wife for a new truck. Yes, it is a weird way to start hunting but when you wife agrees to purchasing a new truck and follows it up with the ultimatum, “if we buy you this truck, you have to start hunting” you don’t argue.  Fast forward to this year; one of my friends was lucky enough to meet a farmer that has 175 acres of farmland about 20 minutes from where we live and after helping him with some electrical issues in one of his barns, he granted access for both of us to hunt his property this coming season.  The property is an old school campus that has grown up over the past 20 years and has 6 fields of standing corn, good topography, and plenty of areas for bedding, feeding, and travel routes from one to the other.  An absolutely perfect place to hunt deer.

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