A Visit With Tony the Bear

A Visit With Tony The Bear

There are many experiences I’ve had in the woods that I’ll remember for a long time. Visiting Tony, the bear, at his den site is no exception. I wonder if Tony will look back at our visit as fondly as I do. My only regret is not giving him a bear hug when I had the opportunity (har har). There are not many in this world that can honestly say they’ve given a live bear a hug, and unfortunately I am still one of them. Such regret!

While Tony slept unsuspectingly in his den on the morning of our visit, the biologists and other team members gathered gear before we all met in a parking lot at the head of the snowmobile trail that led in his direction. Insulated pads, tranquilizing equipment, a net for weighing, and an oxygen tank made up a small portion of the gear.

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The Story of the Big Little Bear

The Story Of The Big Little Bear

I’ve killed a bear. Just one. And it wasn’t very big. Actually, even inserting the word big into the previous sentence doesn’t seem right because it causes one to think that there was some bigness to the bear. There wasn’t. Unless, of course, you are telling your one and only bear story to your almost five-year-old just before bed. Then the bear is big.

“Hey Bud, wanna hear a bear story?” I ask before leaving his side.

“Yeah!” he says as he picks his head up off his pillow in the darkness of his room. He’ll listen to anything in order to delay bedtime, so I oblige.

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