Local Hunter Concerned the Arrival of Next Child Will Interfere with Deer Season

Local Hunter Concerned The Arrival Of Next Child Will Interfere With Deer Season

For immediate Release: April 7, 2017
Media Contact: tim@the4pointer.com

Windsor County, VT – Avid Vermont deer hunter, Tim Biebel, has become increasingly concerned as of late that the estimated arrival of his next child will interfere with the upcoming deer season. News of the pregnancy was met with a mixture of joy and caution, especially given the painful losses experienced over the last four years and how a late September due date will affect his fall hunting plans.  

“One minute I’m washing dishes at the kitchen sink, and the next minute I’m standing in Rite Aid trying to locate the correct pregnancy test, “Biebel said. “It’s hard to focus when the realization sets in that your fall hunting plans will be affected.”

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Shotgun Permit Application

Shotgun Permit Application

It’s embarrassing to admit that I don’t own a shotgun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve never had the desire to own one, but for some reason I’ve never purchased one. Times are changing, however, and the time has come to drop some hard-earned dough on a new scattergun. But which one?

My hunting forays have yet to include the need for a shotgun, except for a few squirrel hunts when I borrowed my dad’s single shot .410. And then last year I tried spring turkey hunting for the first time and a friend loaned me his Remington model 870 12 Gauge. I didn’t kill anything with it (except for a sapling or two) but my few experiences in the turkey woods last spring were enough to convince me that I needed to take up the hobby on a more serious level. To do that, I’ll need my own gun, I figure.

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2016 Vermont White-Tailed Deer Harvest Report – 6 Observations

2016 Vermont White-Tailed Deer Harvest Report – 6 Observations

I’ll admit, reading the harvest report is much more fun when I’ve contributed to the harvest statistics. Phrases like, “The overall harvest was 27% more than 2015…” are much easier to stomach if I was part of the increase. It felt like everyone had a better year than me. Cue the violin music.

That’s okay, I’m a better man for it. Let’s take a look at some of my observations of the 2016 Vermont White-Tailed Deer Harvest Report. You can thank me later for the brilliant insight.

#1 Is Calais really “God’s Country?”

Early last fall I passed through the town of Calais, VT en route to a meeting. If I wasn’t the observant type, I probably would have missed it. Not too long ago, I was surprised to learn during the course of conversation with a gentleman from Calais that the town is referred to as “God’s Country.” “Strange,” I thought to myself. “I always pictured God’s country looking a little different than Calais, VT.”

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To Kill a Jackrabbit

To Kill A Jackrabbit

To make amends with their favorite customer, my least favorite cable provider gave me an additional forty channels for free after months of poor service complaints. Included in the additional package were the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel. So much for my New Year resolution to watch less TV.

Having only been marginally exposed to what these channels offer for programming in the past, I have been somewhat disappointed at what I’ve seen. The commercialization of hunting has always irked me a little. If they hadn’t had that $300 cooler back in the truck, would they have not been able to shoot the big buck that was on a daily ritual of arriving at the food plot each evening at five? What about that expensive little device that purifies the air around your deer stand? According to show hosts, you can’t hunt without that or you’re not doing it right. Tell that to the chain smoking, flannel jacket clad hunters posing in the pile of old pictures I have in my files. They might disagree.

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A Visit With Tony the Bear

A Visit With Tony The Bear

There are many experiences I’ve had in the woods that I’ll remember for a long time. Visiting Tony, the bear, at his den site is no exception. I wonder if Tony will look back at our visit as fondly as I do. My only regret is not giving him a bear hug when I had the opportunity (har har). There are not many in this world that can honestly say they’ve given a live bear a hug, and unfortunately I am still one of them. Such regret!

While Tony slept unsuspectingly in his den on the morning of our visit, the biologists and other team members gathered gear before we all met in a parking lot at the head of the snowmobile trail that led in his direction. Insulated pads, tranquilizing equipment, a net for weighing, and an oxygen tank made up a small portion of the gear.

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