NH Archery: Hunt 2 – “The Snorter”

The SnorterWednesday, September 18

Conditions:  Sunny, Temps in the 60’s with a light breeze

When I left the house my wife said she wanted me to think about something while I was out hunting. The trouble is, as soon as I shut the front door I completely forgot what it was I was supposed to be thinking about. When I remembered that I was supposed to think about something all I could do was try to think about the thing I was supposed to think about and not actually think about the thing. This happens to me a lot, especially when I am on my way to go hunting.  

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NH Archery: Hunt 1

Conditions: 65 degrees at the start, 50 degrees at the end. Sunny with a light breeze. The season finally arrived and I was able to get out this afternoon with Dad for an evening sit. Here is the recap- 1:50 pm: I drag my lazy rear end off the couch and gather up my gear. I had all year to do this,…

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What I’m Looking Forward to the Most

The other day my wife asked me what I was looking forward to the most about this coming hunting season. Good question. Normally, my answer would have had to do with the challenge of the hunt and successfully outsmarting the elusive whitetail deer but not this year… this year things are a little different. I have felt the anticipation of the…

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Calling all Bucks!

OK, I look pretty goofy in this picture but that’s not the point…The point is I learned a couple crucial lessons about hunting on that cold day, and not just because I was successful, because I almost wasn't. It was an extremely cold morning with the temperature still hovering right around zero at 8 am. I was standing with Dad…

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