NH Archery: Hunt 7 – Dad’s Buck

Saturday September 28, 2013Conditions: Warm with temps in the upper 60's. Light wind. Around 2 pm on Sunday afternoon I met Dad on the range to help him fine tune his bow. His first three shots were all in the center bull’s-eye. “That’s great shooting, Dad” I said. “What’s the problem?” “The problem is that I was aiming at the lower right…

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NH Archery: Hunt 2 – “The Snorter”

The SnorterWednesday, September 18

Conditions:  Sunny, Temps in the 60’s with a light breeze

When I left the house my wife said she wanted me to think about something while I was out hunting. The trouble is, as soon as I shut the front door I completely forgot what it was I was supposed to be thinking about. When I remembered that I was supposed to think about something all I could do was try to think about the thing I was supposed to think about and not actually think about the thing. This happens to me a lot, especially when I am on my way to go hunting.  

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