Vermont Deer, Trail Camera

Is This a Buck or a Doe?

Take a look at this picture of a healthy looking buck that was taken a few days ago in the northwest part of Vermont. Everything in this picture would indicate this deer to be a buck and well on it’s way to being a legal one at that. I can already see the target forming on its side, can you?

But a few minutes later the camera captures the deer doing something rather odd – squatting to pee like a doe. What gives? Is this a doe or a confused buck? Perhaps it’s not peeing….maybe it’s POOPING LIKE A DOG! Lord knows I’ve seen my dog in this position too many times. However, I’ve never seen a deer squat to do #2 in person before, only to pee and only when it’s a doe.
Vermont Buck

So, what do you think is going on here?

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Rickie Jones

I can definitly see the big red bullseye forming on this dear HAHA so wired tho. Pee like a man ya BUck!

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