My Top 5 Favorite Deer Hunts, Kinda…

Just last week I saw someone's twitter post that read, "I don't keep the racks to brag about them, I keep them because of the memories they hold." I've been blessed to hunt in some great locations around North America, but to be honest, shooting a deer with a large rack has never been the main reason to place a hunt in my favorites category. It is time spent with friends and family that makes the hunt memorable and it is hard to choose between all the hunts I have ever been on to come up with my top five. As a result, I am not going to come up with my top five. I'll just come up with five for now and talk about the others later... 

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A Sad Case of Venison

Road Kill Doe

Why is it that I can kill a deer during hunting season and not feel much remorse but when a motorist collides with a deer I hate it and feel deeply sorry for the deer? It is such an awful way to go and the deer often lives for a while after the collision suffering in extreme pain.   Last night I had an up close and personal experience with a badly injured deer from a collision with a car that was clearly was not going to survive. To make a long story short, the deer’s back was broken and it was unable to move, but it remained alive for quite some time until the warden was able to come kill it. Sad.

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