VT Turkey: Hunt 1 – Shoot the Bird, Not the Tree.

VT Turkey:  Hunt 1 – Shoot The Bird, Not The Tree.


Like most people, I don’t enjoy looking like an idiot, but I possess an unshakeable talent for it that is deeply embedded in my genetic makeup.  Such was the case of my first ever spring turkey hunt on Sunday morning in Vermont. 

Toward the end of the morning hunt, Christian and I found ourselves lying in the grass on a field edge, pinned down from the eyes of the wary gobbler, Tom.

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Last Minute Prep for Vermont Turkey Season

Last Minute Prep For Vermont Turkey Season

Turkey Decoy, Turkey HuntingI tell ya, it seems that every time I buy or borrow a piece of gear for my first turkey hunt someone brings up something else I need! I guess now I need a facemask because the sight of my face will be scary to a flock of turkeys. It’s not the first time I’ve been told my face is scary, but it will be the first time I spend money to alleviate the issue. Darn birds. They’re expensive! They’ll be a lot of value in every bite should I be fortunate enough to take down a bird.

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5 Tips for the First Time Turkey Hunter

5 Tips For The First Time Turkey Hunter

Vermont Turkey, Turkey Hunting

By now most of you know I’ll be embarking on my first ever turkey hunt this year. I’ve also made it clear that I am clueless when it comes to turkey hunting, so I decided it was in my best interest to humble myself and ask for some advice. Fortunately, I had a good idea of who to ask – and he didn’t disappoint. 

Brett Ladeau is the Vermont State Chapter President for the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) as well as the local Chapter President for the Upper Valley Longbeards, based out of White River Junction, Vermont. 

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I’m Going Turkey Hunting!

I’m Going Turkey Hunting!

Turkey Hunting, Vermont

Wow. Just Wow. When I made the deal with my wife that I could go turkey hunting if I could get 100 comments on my Facebook post, I never thought it would actually work out. Neither did she! You all are awesome! Looks like I’ll be turkey hunting this spring. I can’t wait.

The excitement over this new development kept me awake last night as I pictured myself tucked into the base of a tree, calling to a big tom turkey strutting towards me in the early dawn hours of a spring morning in Vermont. Then reality set in and I remembered that I have no idea how to turkey hunt. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even own a shotgun. I feel so ashamed.

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Take Heart, The Woodchuck is Out!

Take Heart, The Woodchuck Is Out!


Just the other day, my wife and I were sitting in the Woodstock, Vermont, Maplefields Convenience Store reliving a day spent together. She was beautiful, her glowing eyes staring back at mine while holding her fresh cup of coffee on the table between us. The moment hung in time until three older men sat down at the table next to us and began talking. “Well, the woodchuck has been out for two days straight now,” one man said to the other two. After overhearing that I was a mental disaster. Visions of hunting the little devils clouded my ability to carry on a conversation with my wife and my trigger finger started twitching uncontrollably with each passing vision.

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