2015 Hunting Journal: NH Archery Update 10.23.15

IMG_1888Steph and Sam have left me all alone for five days. It’s a hunting weekend just for me! That and the bathroom floor remodel that seems to be overtaking my hunting time.

Here’s the deal: I discovered a little bit of mold in each bathroom by the tubs. Once I started peeling back the vinyl floor to inspect the magnitude of the situation, it became apparent that the existing vinyl floor would not be going back down. No problem, I’ll just remove both toilets, one of the vanities and every piece of baseboard to get ready. Oh, and new underlayment. And then I get to put it all back! All of this before the vinyl floor installer shows up in the morning. Awesome.

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2015 Hunting Journal: NH Archery Update 10.19.15

Blood droplets

It was a frustrating day for me today. I finally had an opportunity at a deer this past weekend but came home empty handed. To say I’m baffled at the outcome would be an understatement.

On Saturday morning, I pulled my climber out of the woods in Vermont with thoughts of using it in New Hampshire on Sunday evening. I hiked a good ways into the woods to a spot where I had started the season. It takes a while to get to the location so I’d only hunted it two other times this year. I saw deer both times though I wasn’t set up in a stand either time.

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2015 Hunting Journal: NH Archery 10.15.15

Funny Doe

My spatial awareness is off. That’s why I didn’t see the doe until I’d walked within 46.8 yards of her. Tonight, I whacked my head when shutting the kitchen cabinet. On Tuesday, I thought I was further away from where I figured the deer would be then I actually was. It's all starting to make sense. Too bad there’s not a cure…

Tuesday evening found me half asleep in a ladder stand overlooking some oaks. I’ve been overly tired this week for some reason. Part of me wants to know why; the other part of me wants to sleep it off. That’s why I decided to climb out of the treestand at 5:15. I wasn’t there to sleep, I was there to hunt.

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NH Hunting Journal: Archery Update 8.1.15

Shedding Velvet

We’ve made it to October. Thank goodness! Now we can hunt the October lull, which will be way better than the September Siesta the deer have been taking for the last fifteen days.

Tuesday evening was my last hunt in New Hampshire for a while. I’ll now be switching gears to Vermont with the season opening this Saturday. I sat in a ladder stand overlooking a few trails that led to some apple trees hoping the deer would be on their feet in the downpour. They weren’t.

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NH Hunting Journal: Archery Update 9.28.15


Food. There is a lot of food in the woods. I’ve hunted six evenings since opening day, and I still have yet to effectively pattern the deer. I blame most of that on the large amount of food available throughout the woods. The deer can sleep and eat wherever they want with little reason to move anywhere.

Another interesting revelation is that the deer seem to be moving later in the night than they normally do this time of year. I have a couple of trail cameras I set up on apple trees at the start of the season as a means of taking inventory of what deer are around. Except for a few random daytime shots, all of the deer are moving well after dark. Perhaps this late movement is a byproduct of the full moon. Also interesting is that I’ve only captured one small buck on camera so far, which is not normal.

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