New Hampshire

4PT16.2 – Fresh Venison

Deer Scat, Vermont, New Hampshire, Deer Poop

  I have confirmed that the deer use their trails when I am not there. After my fourth and fifth hunts of the year, I feel no more clued in to their whereabouts than I did before the season started. Perhaps some preseason scouting would have helped prevent this problem, but it’s too late for that…

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4PT16.1 – Back in the Deer Stand

Ladder Stand, Hunting New Hampshire

Once again we have reached the start of a new hunting season, and once again I am unprepared. Go figure. It sneaks up on me every year! Thursday evening, opening day or archery in New Hampshire, I was able to head to the woods unexpectedly thanks to my wife’s willingness to rearrange her schedule. I…

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Fish Lice and Stuff.

Fish Lice and Stuff. 1

I hate yard work with a passion. That’s not entirely true, I don’t mind yard work when I feel like I am accomplishing something, but that’s not the case with my yard. It’s a disaster. I can’t get anything to grow like it should. I was out on my hands and knees working away one night…

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A Thanksgiving to Remember!

A Thanksgiving to Remember! 2

By Aaron Benware. To say I was a proud papa would be an understatement. I had dreamed about this day for a long time. Nicole started going out hunting with me when she was about 10 years old. We started with youth waterfowl season and progressed into youth deer season. After a couple years, she…

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2015 Hunting Journal: NH Rifle Season 11.12.13

 “It’s just a doe,” I told my wife when I called her. The words didn’t feel right when I said them because I was happy with the doe, and I didn’t mean to diminish the accomplishment – or the doe. I won’t lie – I was hoping for a buck – but I was ready…

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