New Hampshire

Trail Cameras, an Injured Hawk, and Baby Prep

Broad Winged Hawk

My increase in concern over how much time I’ll have to hunt this fall is inversely related to the decrease in time until Baby Biebel arrives. My concern hit an all-time high this past weekend when I made my first scouting trip of the season. It’s hard to adequately describe the feelings of anticipation that…

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2016 Hunting Season Summary – Part 1

2016 Hunting Season Summary - Part 1 1

Ending the season with unfilled tags is not a failure, but not learning from your mistakes is. As I reflect on the past season, I am still trying to determine what mistakes, if any, I made. I am not talking about lazy mistakes, such as not paying attention at a critical time. I made plenty…

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4PT16.12 – It’s a Matter of Time

New Hampshire Buck

Someday, I am going to devote an entire article on the most important ingredient required for a successful hunt. The ingredient? Time. I can’t remember a year when I have hunted over such an active scrape line, complete with fresh rubs and extending over 650 yards. It felt like I was finding fresh sign each…

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4PT16.3 – Stupid Wind

4PT16.3 - Stupid Wind 2

Well, what do you know? I finally saw some deer, but thanks to the wind (and perhaps a bad scent control strategy), I am still empty-handed and frustrated. I decided to switch up my strategy. As you are aware, I’ve been hunting over nuts since the start of the season. My thinking was that I…

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