Local Hunter Concerned the Arrival of Next Child Will Interfere with Deer Season

Local Hunter Concerned The Arrival Of Next Child Will Interfere With Deer Season

For immediate Release: April 7, 2017
Media Contact: tim@the4pointer.com

Windsor County, VT – Avid Vermont deer hunter, Tim Biebel, has become increasingly concerned as of late that the estimated arrival of his next child will interfere with the upcoming deer season. News of the pregnancy was met with a mixture of joy and caution, especially given the painful losses experienced over the last four years and how a late September due date will affect his fall hunting plans.  

“One minute I’m washing dishes at the kitchen sink, and the next minute I’m standing in Rite Aid trying to locate the correct pregnancy test, “Biebel said. “It’s hard to focus when the realization sets in that your fall hunting plans will be affected.”

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