5 Positives of Marrying a Spouse that Hunts

Positives of Having a spouse that hunts

This Saturday, July 23rd, will be my eleventh wedding anniversary to my beloved wife. In lieu of this celebration of love, I decided to ask my lovely wife a few question about how she has matured as a result of being married to a hunter. What has she learned, I wondered? She is clearly a…

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The Story of the Big Little Bear

Vermont Black Bear

I’ve killed a bear. Just one. And it wasn’t very big. Actually, even inserting the word big into the previous sentence doesn’t seem right because it causes one to think that there was some bigness to the bear. There wasn’t. Unless, of course, you are telling your one and only bear story to your almost…

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Accidental Reflections

Hunting Vermont Rifle

It’s that day again when my memories of my daughter, Cora, take center stage. The more time passes the easier the day becomes, but I still don’t like it and I don’t expect I ever will. It forces me to be reflective. That’s hard to do, I’ve found. The best time to be reflective is…

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